Your Body Mirrors How You Live Your Life!

Its been 4 months of a new training program. Some gruelling workouts, some extremely sore days. Some days I missed. Some days I was exhausted and stayed home. 80% of the time my diet was clean. Full of organic whole foods. But I allowed myself to cheat. If I wanted a treat meal, I’d have it. If I felt like dessert, I’d eat it. Some days I ate more carbs. Some days less. I NEVER counted a freakin’ calorie. And I don’t plan on ever counting a freakin’ calorie! My diet isn’t just my ‘diet.’ Who ever wants to DIE-T?! Don’t we want to LIVE-IT!!! This is my LIFESTYLE! I eat like this all the time, and I have for years! And for all I can remember, I’ve weighed the same for almost the past 10 years! Now, with a little more muscle, a little more definition. I’m STRONG. I’m CURVY. I’m SEXY and I’m PROUD to be turning 30!

Why all the training? What for? I woke up January 1st, turned to my boyfriend and said “I’m turning 3o this year, and I want to look and feel incredible!” I looked and felt incredible before, but I wanted to step outside my comfort zone and challenge MYSELF! I wanted to look in the mirror and see more muscle definition and feel stronger!

Tomorrow I turn 30 and I can’t wait! For most women, 30 can be pretty dreadful. It doesn’t have to be! Aging is truly a state of mind. I told my boyfriend I wanted a jumpy castle and to go to the zoo for my birthday! That’s just the kid in me and I truly embrace her! I allow her to shine….DAILY!! Ask yourself….what are you holding back? Are you embracing your inner child? Are you making yourself a priority? How can you bring more of your inner radiance into your every day?

Inner radiance? We all have it! I know it’s in there. It’s that little voice that screams to you, telling you to eat well, go to the gym, get more sleep, to smile, soften, breath, play. Often times, we are just to loud to hear it. Don’t ignore the whispers of your body!

Your body mirrors how you LIVE your LIFE! So ask yourself…..”How am I living my life?”

My Birthday wish…….that you treat yourself with kindness. That you awaken to your creative mind. Have patience with yourself. Nurture your body. Give yourself a pat on the back for all your hard work. For your successes and your failures.

Wrap yourself in a warm hug and tell yourself “I LOVE YOU!” When you LOVE yourself, you create happy, beautiful cells!

Let go of that fearful voice! It’s SO uncreative and doubtful. Welcome in your voice of LOVE. The voice that supports you.

I commit my heart to making myself a better ME every day because I know I am worth it! What do you desire? To eat better? Fit into your skinny jeans? Whatever it is, I know that you can accomplish it. At times, we may need to lean on a friend for support, or hire a trainer, or a nutritionist. The first step is to start with yourself. Look in the mirror and say “I LOVE YOU AND I CAN ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING!”

If you can do this one step, then you are WELL on your way.

With LOVE,

Samantha Gladish xoxo








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