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Last week I ran a seminar at Wholefoods all about skincare. 

It was amazing to chat with so many women and learn about their skin care woes. From aging, to wrinkles to acne, most of us women are concerned about the same things when it comes to skin.

I shared my tips for improving skin texture, adding radiance back to your skin using pure plant oils and making it priority to eat clean organic whole foods and to supplement strategically. 

For those of you who missed my seminar, you can download my skincare guide below! I share simple tips that are truly effective for achieving beautiful youthful skin. Hope you enjoy 🙂 

Download your Skin Care Guide – CLICK HERE.

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Why You’re Aging & What To Do About It

Getting older does not need to be scary.

I fully embrace getting older, but I just don’t want it showing up on my face!

Wrinkles, age spots, drier skin….this can all be avoided with the right diet and supplementation!

Yes…that’s right. AVOIDED!

You know that saying, “You are what you eat!” Well….it’s true. If you’re eating hydrogenated vegetable oils, a ton of sugar, drinking coffee, consuming gluten and dairy, you could be aging faster!

All these foods deplete your body of vital nutrients. Without these nutrients, your skin and your body starts to break down. Your skin loses its suppleness, it becomes drier and more scaly, wrinkles appear faster and your bones and joints start to ache.

So what do we do?? And what is it in the first place that’s causing us to age?

Watch my quick video below where I share WHY you’re aging and WHAT to do about it!

I share what you need to ditch from your diet and what you need to include more of.

Enjoy 🙂


Happy Aging…Gracefully 🙂

Samantha xoxo

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