Feeling Like S@%! This Could Be Why…

You may have visited countless doctors complaining about your irregular cycle or your indigestion or constipation issues. Or maybe you just feel off. Fatigued, no energy, and just plain exhausted. I’m sure you were told, “oh, it’s nothing to worry about, here, take this,” as you were handed either a birth control pill, antacid or some other pharmaceutical “band-aid’ to heal your pain. 

I know the feeling. Years ago with constant headaches and migraines and an irregular cycle, my doctor put me on the birth control pill and handed me some migraine med’s as the cure all. 

Well, let me tell you. It wasn’t a cure all, and in fact, my health issues only got worse. 

Maybe you’re at a point in your life where you feel desperate for answers and almost hopeless. You’re confused and fed up and just really want a change.

From deadlines, to lack of sleep and eating on the run and just not having enough time to fit everything in, we’re all running around with our eyeballs bulging out of our heads, sleep deprived and suffering with anxiety, hormonal imbalances, unmanageable stress and an extra tire around our waists. Let’s face it, it sucks!

There’s a few things that could be causing this…

1. Stress – you are running through your day like a chicken with it’s head cut off and just can’t seem to “catch up.” You feel tired and wired all at the same time and can barely catch your breath. Your body can’t tell the difference between the stress of running from a tiger or the stress of a deadline at work. It’s all the same thing. Which means, if you can’t manage your day to day tasks, projects, relationships and everything else that fills up your day, your body is tirelessly running from a tiger that isn’t there! 

2. Food – you’re filling yourself up with fast food, toxic food, hormone induced food and poor quality food. This isn’t about becoming a tree hugger and going all out organic, but you do need to have more conscious awareness about what you’re eating and where it’s coming from. Made in a factory, ditch it. Grown on a farm, eat it!

3. Sugar – from impairing your liver’s ability to detoxify, from imbalancing blood sugar and a whack of other hormones (insulin, cortisol, adrenaline and estrogen to name a few), your body is on a sugar roller coaster than has more lows than highs. Sugar makes you want more sugar, it makes you fat, it gives you anxiety and it slooooows you down, mentally, emotionally and physically. Stop eating it!

4. Environmental Toxins – yes, we are exposed to many that we can’t avoid, but we do have control over a lot of them. From the food we eat, to the products we use to clean our house with and the body care we use (this includes, toothpaste, deodorant and hair products), we can choose healthier, cleaner options that do not contain a boat load of ingredients that we can’t pronounce. Look for products free from SLS, parabens, colourings, perfumes, alcohol, dyes, ammonia, bleach (and the hundreds of other chemical compounds) that increase our estrogen levels and put us at a risk for developing cancer. 

So… it’s pretty obvious that we need to manage these above 4 things if we want to improve our overall health and stop feeling like shit, but we can go deeper. 

Detoxification is the missing link to having balanced hormones, a happy and healthy period (goodbye bloating and PMS symptoms), optimal digestion, a vibrant libido and a slimmer waist line. In fact, detoxification will help to rid your body of the chemicals and toxins lurking around your system that are slowing you down and causing you to feel the way you feel. 

So how do you detox? 

If you are new to detoxing, I personally don’t recommend you run out a buy a 10-day detox kit. Although these can be effective, they can also cause you to spend many days in the bathroom, if you know what I mean. 

It’s all about the food when it comes to detoxification. Food is healing and food contains the necessary nutrients to support your body’s ability to detoxify. 

Enrolment into my online Spring Detox is going on now and I would love for you to join! I cover everything you need to eat and include in your diet to support detoxification, plus I take the overwhelm away of what to eat (and not eat) with my delicious and detoxifying meal plan. I’ve also included a ton of detox resources, such as my 3-day Juice Cleanse and Essential Guide to Detoxing ebooks which guide you every step of the way to truly healing and assisting your body in coming back into balance so you can feel good again. CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE SPRING DETOX TODAY!

In the meantime, include these 4 delicious and healthy foods into your diet to support detoxification and get a kick start on feeling damn good again!

1. Broccoli – this incredible veggie includes cancer protective compounds and nutrients that help to flush heavy metals from your system and sweep out excess estrogen from your gut. Yes, it does all of that! Cauliflower and brussel sprouts do this too!

2. Turmeric – more of a herb than a “food.” this herb supports the livers ability to regenerate, assists in protecting your cells from oxidative damage and helps to flush out toxins and chemicals fromm your system. Include it in your dishes. I like to put it on my eggs or mix it into my cauliflower mash. 

3. Citrus – lemons, limes and grapefruit all support the health of the liver, plus they support the gallbladder and can reduce the risk of developing gallstones. These fruits are detoxifying powerhouses and can easily be included into your diet daily. 

4. Cabbage – go for the purple kind as it contains almost 8 times more vitamin C than the green cabbage. Vitamin C is an important nutrient that helps to support the detoxification pathways. Plus, due to it being high in antioxidants like vitamins A and E, it also has the ability to support your adrenal glands and manage your cortisol levels. In other words, it’s a de-stressing food! 

This is a great detoxifying start! Incorporate these above foods, manage stress, reduce sugar, eat quality food and be cautious of environmental toxins and you are well on your way to radiant health and a better quality life. 

I would love to hear from you and what detoxifying foods you like to include in your diet. Share with us!

Cheers to Detoxing,
Samantha xo

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