Podcast Episode 40: Q&A about Intermittent Fasting + Sugar Cravings + PMS + Seed Cycling for Your Hormones

We are diving into another Q&A episode today with questions about intermittent fasting, sugar cravings, and PMS symptoms. On top of that, I also talk about seed cycling and its benefits. So if any of these topics is of some interest to you, then you’ve tuned in to the right podcast! You can find all [...]

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4 Keys to Resetting Your Metabolism for Successful Weight Loss

It's January 2016 and everyone is in health mode. I'm excited about this because I love seeing people get serious about their health and seek out help, coaching, join gyms and commit to better eating.  I wish January was all the time! There's always this excitement in the new year to get healthy and then [...]

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How To Lose Fat Forever

[Photo by: eljoja] Seeing pictures of my fat self would disgust me. Staring back at me was someone I no longer wanted to be. I couldn’t believe how bad I let myself go.  Now every time I pick up a 40 pound dumbbell, I think to myself that in my hands was the extra weight I [...]

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Beach Bum Full Body Workout

Get ready to work it! I've been a tad behind on posting my time-to-get-beach-ready workouts! I hope you've been following along and tried last weeks leg and booty and back and bicep workout? Continue to include these workouts once or twice a week for the best results. In the meantime, try today's workout! It's a [...]

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Weightloss Success!!

My girlfriend Melissa just recently shed 30 pounds!! I am so proud of her and just had to share her weight loss success story with all of you! I'm sure as we head into February, some of you are possibly still in the 'New Years Resolution Mode' to get healthy and lose weight, so I [...]

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