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Less than a year ago, I contacted Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness via Facebook and told him how much I loved his podcast. I remember it was a hot August day and I was thinking how exciting it would be to be a guest expert on his show one day. Well…that day came, and it came faster than I ever would have expected!

Underground Wellness is one of THE biggest health podcasts and I am extremely grateful to Sean for inviting me on his show and for really helping me to finish my eBooks and get my message out to the world!

My eBooks, The Qualitarian Life and The Qualitarian Cookbook can be purchased here – SHOP NOW. From food to nutrition, exercise, sleep, sex, and detox, I cover all areas of your life and help you to overhaul your health and your body in just 21 days! Read more about these eBooks HERE.

In case you missed the podcast, you can listen in on it here – The Qualitarian Life with Samantha Gladish or click to listen below.

You’ll learn:

* How to “brush away” cellulite while boosting muscle tone at the same time
* How the plaque in your arteries may be coming from your teeth
* The “non-toxic but problematic” ingredient lurking in your toothpaste
* My top household cleaning swaps for a toxin free home!

The feedback from the podcast has been incredible and so many people have purchased my books and are starting to live The Qualitarian Life.

Hope you enjoy the show!

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All Access Pass to The Thyroid Sessions- Heal Your Thyroid NOW!

What if I were to tell you that just about every conventional doctor overlooks (or should I say, ignores) one incredibly common health problem that affects 200 million people worldwide and can be the cause of literally any symptom under the sun?

Would you be interested to find out what it is and whether or not it’s affecting you?

If so, keep reading.

Although your thyroid is a relatively small, butterfly-shaped gland sitting inside your throat, it is responsible for the metabolism of literally every cell in your body.

In other words, the trillions of cells that make up your body are “fueled up” by your thyroid. It literally keeps your body fired up and running on all cylinders. That’s big!

But, if your thyroid were to slow down, you can probably imagine how your cells would become sluggish and how it would affect how you feel. Probably something like this:

You feel fatigued.

Brain is foggy.

Mood is depressed, or even anxious.

Digestion slows down.

Hair may fall out.

Bodyweight become more and more challenging to keep in check.

Sound familiar?

Again, your doctor may send you on your way with a pat on the back, or maybe a prescription for the latest breakthrough in pharmacology.

But what if your symptoms were rooted in no more than a thyroid problem your doc never took the time to look into?

Would you just go on for the rest of your life being told “there’s nothing wrong with you” or stuck with some prescription drug?

It’s very possible.

Here’s the thing…

There’s something you need to know about how medicine works.

Conventional medicine tends to lag a decade or so behind the latest research, and millions of people are unnecessarily suffering because of it.

So, we can either wait until the year 2024 and let the docs get caught up, or we can just do it ourselves and BECOME THE EXPERTS on our own thyroids.

Which would you choose?

And that’s why our friend Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness interviewed 24 of the world’s leading experts on thyroid health — to get the bottom of this ignored epidemic and find out what you can do to feel like yourself again.

You’ll find out:

* Exactly which tests to order up. Remember, your doc works for YOU!
* How to interpret your test results the right way and what to do about them.
* Thyroid-healing foods to add to your diet. (And which foods to remove.)
* Natural detox and gut healing strategies to give your thyroid a boost.
* Which medications are safe and make sense as part of your healing protocol.
* When thyroid surgery is NOT the best option, and when it is.

Sean has compiled all 24 of his “Thyroid Sessions” into a user-friendly digital collection of thyroid-healing information that will put YOU in charge of your health.

You’ll get LIFETIME streaming and downloadable access to:

* 11 super high quality, HD on-camera video sessions (These look amazing!)
* 11 Google Hangout expert interview sessions
* 2 HD cooking videos with Recipe Guide
* Easy-to-download mp3 audio files for each interview session
* 600-plus pages of transcripts
* 10 incredible bonus items

Once the event officially ends this Sunday night at 11:59pm Pacific, the price for this package will go up to $149.

But this weekend you can get it for only $79, or 2 payments of $39.50.

I missed a few videos last week so I’m looking forward to catching up on the ones I missed. Plus I’m looking forward to the recipe guide, since you know I love to cook!

You can order the All Access pass here –LIFETIME DIGITAL ACCESS

Happy Learning! 🙂


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