Raw Cacao Superfood Smoothie and Supergreens and Quinoa Soup for SUPER Meatless Monday!

Fast and healthy meals are at the top of my list when it’s time to eat! I made this easy and delicious soup the other day that took no time to make and is super nutritious! It’s kind of a cheat soup- meaning that aside from having to cook up some quinoa, everything else was pretty much done for me! A store bought organic vegetable broth and frozen cookin’ greens helped me get this soup on the table in no time!

Cookin' Greens Athlete's Mix w/ Collards, Kale, Spinach, Red Pepper & White Beans

Supergreens and Quinoa Soup


1 container Organic low sodium vegetable broth

1 bag Cookin’ Greens Athelete’s Mix

Half cup dry quinoa (rinsed)

Season with – Herbamare, chili flakes, and pepper


In a large pot, heat broth and bring quinoa to a boil. Turn heat to medium, add Cookin’ greens and simmer for 15 mins. Feel free to add whatever seasonings you like! I love it spicy, so I added chili flakes! Herbamare is a blend of sea salt and dried herbs; its great for flavoring many dishes.

Raw Cacao Superfood Smoothie

What a better way to start your day than with chocolate! Yummers! I’m not talkin’ just any chocolate, I’m talkin’ THE REAL DEAL! RAW CACAO! Loaded with magnesium and antioxidants, this is a TRUE SUPERFOOD that you need to include in your diet! Here’s what I blend in my superfood shake that I’m sure you’ll find delicious!

YUM! My Superfood smoothie w/ Organic shredded coconut!


1-2 cups non dairy milk (coconut milk, almond milk, rice milk)

1 frozen banana

2 tbsp raw cacao powder

1 tbsp raw almond butter

1 tsp coconut oil

1 tsp maca powder


Blend all ingredients in a high speed blender. ENJOY!


Have a Wonderful Monday!


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