Feeling Like S@%! This Could Be Why…

You may have visited countless doctors complaining about your irregular cycle or your indigestion or constipation issues. Or maybe you just feel off. Fatigued, no energy, and just plain exhausted. I'm sure you were told, "oh, it's nothing to worry about, here, take this," as you were handed either a birth control pill, antacid or some [...]

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Valentines Day Treats for Your Sweetheart

Valentines Day treats do not need to be unhealthy. Avoid the unnecessary sugars, unhealthy fats, and poor quality chocolate (cacao is the way to go!) and make your valentine something sweet in your own kitchen! I love this recipe (adapted from Doug McNish Eat Raw Eat Well cookbook). It's loaded with heart healthy fats (bonus…February [...]

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3 Week Holistic Nutrition & Yoga Program. Sign Up NOW!

Spring Cleaning Yoga & Nutrition Program is Here! In this intensive 3 week course we will cover..... Happy Healthy Digestion - learn how to properly combine foods, beat the bloat, gain energy and build and nourish your cells Detox From Head to Toe - learn which foods help to cleanse your whole body, support the [...]

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