Can Coffee Support Your Metabolism?

I’m a coffee lover through and through, I know it’s been given a bad rep in the health space. So, I want to clear that up today!

The truth is, coffee is only “bad” when we are undernourished. Coffee is a pro-metabolic, thermogenic food. It actually speeds up metabolism.

But coffee can work against your system if you…

….have it on an empty stomach and skip breakfast
….add artificial sweeteners or processed syrups
….are constantly stressed, wired and are not eating or sleeping well
….have multiple cups all throughout the day just to keep going. If this is how you drink your coffee, you might want to rethink your relationship.

But you don’t have to give it up cold turkey…there ARE metabolically supportive ways to enjoy your coffee!!

If you’ve watched my stories on Instagram before, you’ve probably seen me add all sorts of things to my coffee – from collagen, to myoinositol, to medicinal mushrooms, raw milk and egg yolk 

If you love your coffee too, I want to share 4 ways coffee can be consumed in a way that supports your system!

1. Nourishment first – don’t start your day with caffeine. Eat food, then coffee.

2. Add supportive elements like raw cream, collagen, bone broth, medicinal mushrooms, egg yolk (sooo good!) – these are just a few options. Adding in healthy fats + protein can help with the cortisol and adrenaline release.

3. Don’t have it when depleted – it’s you’re chronically stressed, not sleeping and skipping meals, don’t drink coffee!

4. Don’t drink it too late – ideally have before 1pm for better sleep and adrenal health.

Here are my favourite add-ins right now…

Mushrooms – I use the brand Eversio Wellness because the potency is next level! There is no comparison when it comes to mushrooms – these are THE BEST.

You can’t go wrong with any of their blends, but my personal favourite for my coffee is their 3 mushroom blend. Visit eversiowellness.com and save 15% off with code WELLNESSWITCH at checkout.

Protein – lately, I add my FAV – chocolate bone broth protein powder to my coffee most mornings. Here is the link to save 15% if you want to try it! This adds such a nice flavour – you wont need to add any sweetness and it adds 15 grams of protein to your morning java.

I warm my milk in my frother, add my additional supplements and viola. The perfect coffee!

Happy sipping,

If you make these, I’d love to know what you think!! comment below 👇  

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