Salmon & Endive Salad Boats

I get asked all the time… “Samantha, what do you eat?!”

Telling people I eat healthy, or organic or gluten free for some reason makes them think I’m deprived or eat a boring diet, which is sooo not the case!

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll get a pretty good idea of what’s on my plate everyday as I’m always sharing videos + posts about food!

I love food. But more importantly, I love really good food. 

Back in the day, I definitely didn’t look at food as the way I do now. It used to be just about filling up. Feeding my hunger. Whatever is convenient and quick. 

Now, it’s a different story. A much different story. Food is about fuelling my body. Supporting my hormones. Supporting detoxification and gut health. Beautifying my skin. 

I know how I feel when I eat like crap. And it ain’t pretty. 

And I know how I feel when I eat well. 

My healthy-eating journey has been a 10+ year process, if not longer! I didn’t just wake up one morning and magically decided to give up grains, gluten, dairy, sugar and only eat organic, non-gmo and do it with a big smile on my face and unicorns coming outta my ass! 

Let’s get real for a minute…

It’s been a process and it always will be a process. And I’m human. I don’t have a perfect diet. There are slip ups, date nights out, events, parties, etc, but as I become more aware of what works with and against my body, those slip ups happen less frequently. 

Bottom line, wherever you are on your journey with food, health, hormones, weight or whatever it may be, you need to be gentle on yourself. You need to let go of judgements. You need to go slow. And more importantly, you need to stop undermining the success you ARE achieving with your nutrition and body. 

For the most part, my meals are very simple. I don’t overcomplicate them. I make sure I have quality protein at each meal (which is key for balancing blood sugar and keeping you satiated) and get lots of vegetables on my plate. Plus, I make sure to add in some good fats. 

As for carbs, I don’t eat them often. I choose more fibre-rich and nutrient rich starchy vegetables such as, sweet potato, squashes, plantain and some fruits here and there. 

Grains have gotten the boot, and the odd time I’ll indulge in some yeast free, wheat free rye toast (my fav!). 

And so, when someone asks about my diet and I share with them some insights, it’s often followed by “Samantha, what do you eat?!”

Which brings me to these simple and delicious Salmon & Endive Salad Boats. They take only minutes to prepare, are loaded with healthy omega 3 fats, which fuel your brain and hormones, plus, it’s served in delicious and refreshing endive leaves that replace heavy carbs. 


Salmon and Endive Salad Boats
Serves 2
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Prep Time
5 min
Prep Time
5 min
  1. 1 can of sustainably caught salmon, drained (I like RainCoast Brand)
  2. Β½ stalk celery, diced
  3. Β½ green apple, diced
  4. 1 teaspoon capers
  5. 1 tablespoon hemp seeds
  6. 2 tablespoons parsley, chopped
  7. 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
  8. Sea salt and pepper to taste
  9. 4 -6 Endive leaves
  1. Mix all the ingredients together, except the endive leaves.
  2. Divide mixture evenly into endive leaves and serve.
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