Kristen Bell Ditched Sugar and Got Pregnant + Other Pregnancy Tips for You!

In a recent interview for US Weekly magazine, Kristen Bell spoke about her 30 day no-sugar challenge. 

Her and husband Dax Shepard both gave up the “toxic stuff,” as Kristen boldly claimed, and said her second pregnancy was much easier. At the end of their 30 day no sugar challenge, both her and her hubby indulged in brownies and cakes and claimed to not feeling so good!

Kristen Bell[Photo Credit: The Canadian Press/Frank Gunn]

Instead of brownies, cakes and other sweet indulgences, Kristen prefers to have fresh fruits, such as apples or grapes. 

So…trying to get pregnant and thinking about giving up sugar?

Is sugar the main culprit for infertility?

What else can you do for an easy-breezy pregnancy and increase your chances of conceiving? 

Let me tell you!

I’ve had the honour of working with many women and couples who were having issues conceiving, whole others wanted to clean up their diet to prepare their body for baby. 

Here are my pregnancy tips for you…

1. Ditch The Sugar – yes! Kristen got it right by giving up sugar and reaching for nutrient dense fresh fruits. There’s nothing wrong with a little indulgence every now and again, but pay attention to how much sugar you are actually consuming. From your tea, to coffee, to bagels, bread, treats, desserts, and special concocted lattes from Starbucks; sugar is lurking in just about everything! Sugar can destroy the good bacteria in your gut causing bloating, gas and numerous digestive upsets, while spiking your insulin which can cause some serious hormonal chaos. Imbalanced hormones + blood sugar instability + poor gut health is not an ideal ‘environment’ for baby.

2. Get Moving – exercise is so important for not just your health, but for preparing your body for a 9-month pregnancy. Squats, walking, swimming, yoga, all movements that are great for getting the blood flowing, creating an optimal hormone response, and more importantly, helping to prepare your pelvic floor for giving birth. Deep squats (weighted or not) and hip openers are especially great for this. 

3. Eat Whole Foods – What does this mean exactly? Sticking to as close to nature as much as possible. Choose organic, grass fed and hormone and antibiotic free meats. Reduce your intake of pesticides, herbicides and other added preservatives and chemicals is vital for your health and the health of your baby. Choose fresh fruits and vegetables, grass fed meats and dairy, cold water and wild caught fish, include a variety of nuts and seeds, and opt for filling and hearty squashes, such as sweet potato, spaghetti squash and pumpkin over heavy gluten-rich grains and carbohydrates. Eating as close to nature as possible will ensure you are providing your body with nutrient dense vitamins and minerals. 

4. Eat More Fat – your hormones need fat to function and your hormones need to be in optimal ratios in order to conceive. Fat is where it’s at. Choose grass fed butter, coconut oil or ghee and olive oil. Ditch the vegetable oils such as canola, soy, sunflower or safflower. These are highly unstable oils and are genetically modified. 

5. Take Your Supplements – In this VIDEO, I share the top 4 supplements all women should take if they are trying to conceive or plan on having a baby in the future. From nourishing your brain, supporting optimal gut health and optimizing hormones, these supplements are vital for your health and the health of your baby. Watch HERE NOW. 

and lastly…

Know that it takes 2 to conceive. I find a lot of women blame themselves for having difficulties around getting pregnant and the truth is, a man plays just as vital a role as a woman. Men (and partners) should get on board with eating a clean, whole foods diet, exercising, and doing what is necessary to optimize their health and wellness (and hormones!). 

Looking to build the right Fertility diet for you and your partner? Let’s connect!

Email me at – samanthagladish@gmail.com and we can arrange some time to chat 🙂 




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7 Natural Fertility Boosting Foods for Women



Many of you may not know that I work with quite a few women who are struggling with infertility. This is something that really gets my juices flowing, as there are many things a woman can do nutritionally to increase her chances of getting pregnant.

Stress, diet and hormonal balance can all affect a woman’s chance for getting pregnant. Whether you are thinking of having a baby this year, or 2 years down the road, what you do now can have a dramatic impact on your chances of conceiving. It’s important to keep your diet as clean and nutrient dense as possible, being sure to eat quality organic foods and taking the right supplements.

There are many foods and herbs a woman can include in her diet to help balance hormones and support the process of conception. Know that diet plays a vital role long before conception even begins.

Here are my Top 7 Fertility Food Recommendations: 

  • Omega 3’s – wild sourced fish/high quality fish oil supplements, hemp seeds/oil, chia seeds/oil and flax seeds, are all great sources of potent omega 3 fatty acids. It’s important to consistently eat omega 3 rich foods as these fats help to support hormone levels. Your hormones need fat to function. Omega 3’s are not the only fat we want to focus on. Other sources of quality fats include, coconut oil, olive oil and avocadoes. These are all important for hormonal health. In fact, women going through IVF therapy can increase their chances of conceiving just by including avocadoes regularly in their diet.
  • Asparagus – this incredible veggie contains folic acid. I’m sure we all know and hear about the benefits of folic acid supplementation pre pregnancy. Folic acid (also known as vitamin B9) can help prevent neural tube defects. You can supplement with folic acid and/or be sure to include foods rich in folic acid, such as, broccoli, oranges, lemons, and white kidney beans. Another bonus to eating asparagus is that it contains glutathione. A super (and by super, I mean SUPER) antioxidant that helps to fight free radical damage and combat disease.
  • Eggs – a delicious and protein rich food, eggs contain a ton of minerals and vitamins, including choline. This nutrient is essential for supporting a growing fetus and supporting the brain.
  • Maca – this Peruvian herb is incredible for balancing hormones and increasing libido! Maca is also great for boosting energy levels and being that it has adaptogenic qualities, this amazing herb can actually help to support your adrenal glands (ie. your stress glands). Add a scoop into your morning smoothie to fuel and energize you for your day.
  • Spirulina – this incredible blue-green algae contains high amounts of vitamin B12, which after 35, we can become quite depleted in. B12 can actually help to strengthen the endometrial lining to help with egg fertilization. Add this amazing superfood to your smoothie for a super boost of nutrients.
  • Nettle – this herb is an amazing uterine tonic. Plus, it contains a ton of minerals and helps support the health of the kidneys and adrenals. It’s great consumed as a tea pre, during, and post pregnancy. You can sometimes find nettles at your local farmers market. They sure are prickly so be careful! I like to boil them in stock and puree into a soup with onions and garlic.
  • Red Raspberry Leaf  – this is a well-known fertility herb that can even be taken during pregnancy. It is loaded with minerals, especially calcium and iron. It’s also a great uterine tonic, which helps prepare the uterus for birth.

 Not currently eating these foods and planning on getting pregnant? Include these super nutrient foods in your diet today! A nutrient dense diet, along with an adequate intake of healthy fats will not only improve your overall health, but increase your chances of conceiving and aid in carrying a healthy baby. Ensure you are eating a clean diet and your body and health will benefit greatly.

Cheers to Your Health 
Samantha xo

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