Sugar Free Almond Butter Chocolate Brownies

Ready for the fluffiest brownies ever? These sugar free almond butter chocolate brownies are to die for.  And guess what? They contain ZERO dairy, gluten AND sugar! Yup, that's right. No sugar here. Only healthy fats and protein - which is my kind of treat.  I absolutely love spending time on the weekends testing out [...]

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Coco-NO-Oat-Nut Granola

When it comes to breakfast, Granola isn't something that's at the top of my list. I'm more of an eggs girl. I even eat chicken or leftover salmon for breakfast. My body really wants protein in the morning. However, I do love granola. The crunchiness, the sweetness, the variety and blends of different nuts and [...]

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Chocolatey Valentines Treats

Look no further than these delicious and healthy chocolatey treats to enjoy this Valentines Day.  You know I love getting busy baking in the kitchen and using high quality ingredients. Plus, I love a good chocolatey treat! I mean, who doesn't? Check out some of these delicious and healthified treats you can whip up this [...]

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Raw Cacao Energy Bites

Nothing like a little bit of energy to perk you up during your day! Add some chocolate in the mix and you're good to go! If you follow me on social media and have cooked or baked up some of my recipes, then there's a good chance you're aware of the fact that I love [...]

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Vanilla Maple Chia Pudding

I'm sure you've made chia pudding before. Its quick, simple, and delicious, plus it's easy to get creative with ingredients. Everyone needs a basic chia pudding recipe. Something they can whip up in no time, that's no fuss and can be left in the fridge overnight. That's the best part really; waking up to a [...]

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