Cinnamon Berry Crisp-Wheat Free & Dairy Free too!

'Tis the season for blueberries! And boy do I love blueberries! I've got pints galore of these blue little gems stocked up in my fridge. From pancakes, to muffins, salads and smoothies, I add these antioxidant rich berries to just about anything! Blueberries are ranked as having the highest antioxidants among most fruits and 1 [...]

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Reversing Cavities & Tips for Incredibly Healthy Teeth!

I go to the dentist about every 8 months or so. I never get the fluoride...because this has been linked to numerous health issues, and I've never had a cavity! That's right...never! I came close once however, and since then, made it a point to follow a diligent and successful self -dentistry regime that has [...]

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MOVEMBER Recipe! Protect Your Prostate with Antioxidant Rich MushroomTomato Sauce!

Movember is quickly coming to an end! With all the hype around prostate health I thought I would post a super delicious prostate protective tomato sauce! Now...I say hype only because we shouldn't limit the prevention of prostate health to November. Whether it be breast cancer awareness month or prostate cancer awareness month, we should [...]

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