Pantry & Baking Essentials for Grain-Free + Gluten Free Cooking

We’re in full on Autumn mode here in Southern Ontario and the weather has turned cold and a little dreary….which means it’s the perfect time to hunker down, get cozy in the kitchen and try out some new recipes!

Today’s video is all about the main ingredients you’ll need to cook your way through my book The 30 Day Hormone Solution (if you have your copy, get it out and let’s dive in!!)

But this is also an awesome checklist of ingredients is for ANYONE who wants to stock up on…

  • Foods to support immunity, gut health & overall health, each and every day
  • Grain-free + Gluten-free options to help keep your blood sugar stable, and also to help if you’re suffering from any level of autoimmunity (grains can trigger inflammation for some people)
  • Staples + dried goods to always have on hand for cooking and baking

Let’s dive in…

Staple Foods Checklist

  • Variety of vegetables – cauliflower, kale & leafy greens, sweet potato, etc — variety is key. Right now, if fresh veggies aren’t available to you, try to source & keep some frozen veggies on hand
  • Variety of protein sources Meats, poultry, grass fed beef, free range eggs, wild caught fish (I didn’t mention beans & legumes in this video, but especially right now — these would be EXCELLENT choices to have on hand. In fact, I have a delicious recipe for Moroccan Chickpea Soup over on the blog that would be super filling and affordable to make)
  • It’s important to have a variety of protein sources because protein breaks down into amino acids, and those amino acids go onto to support your body & optimize your hormonal health
  • Variety of healthy fats, which include avocado oil, olive oil, grass fed butter, coconut oil, ghee, avocados, coconut milk, etc
  • Gluten-free & Grain-free flours – almond flour, cassava flour, coconut flour, tapioca starch, arrowroot flour (most of which can be ordered off of an online market like NaturaMarket — you can use the code HEALTHYHORMONES2020 to save 10% off your first order)
  • Nutrient dense seeds – hemp, flax and chia, which are great for your hormonal health, plus they’re high in fibre and therefore support detoxification
  • Cacao Powder – for baking — hello baking enthusiast over here!
  • Monk Fruit Sweetener – I like to keep my baking low to no sugar, so this helps me make that happen. I like the brand Lakanto (again, it can be ordered off an online market like NaturaMarket — you can use the code HEALTHYHORMONES2020 to save 10% off your first order)

  • NutPods — the most delicious dairy-free creamers OF LIFE! I use them in coffee’s and elixirs (again, it can be ordered off an online market like NaturaMarket)
  • Nut & Seed Butters – Cashew butter, tahini, sunflower seed butter, almond butter, etc
  • Lily’s sugar free chocolate chips — (again, it can be ordered off of NaturaMarket — you can use the code HEALTHYHORMONES2020 to save 10% off your first order.)
  • A real good quality sea salt (I love redmond real salt) sea salt is crucial for your adrenals. A great way to support your adrenals is with water + a pinch of sea salt + freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • Lastly, Bone Broth. I make my own! I have a 10-step process which can be found inside my book.

Almost everything I mentioned in this video can be ordered off of NaturaMarket — as you can probably tell by now, I pretty much order from them every week! They have all of my favourites, including NutPods (for elixirs) and Siete Chips…for snacking!

You can order from NaturaMarket HERE and you can use the code HEALTHYHORMONES2020 to save 10% off your first order.
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