Gluten Free Hemp Seed N’Oatmeal

When it comes to breakfast, I like to switch things up. I like to pack protein, fibre and fat into my breakie whenever possible. But sometimes I crave something on the warmer and more comforting side of things. While I wouldn’t call oatmeal a poor breakfast option, I know that it doesn’t always make me feel my absolute best, knowing how sensitive my blood sugar can be.
It’s important to remember that even though a food may be considered “healthy” to the general public, it doesn’t mean always mean it’s the most suitable food for you.
We want to make sure that when we eat, we’re putting whole nutrient-dense foods into our body that allow us to thrive, not just survive.

Sometimes that means going through the waves of trial and error to figure out which foods make you feel the best; which foods give you the utmost energy, the best sleep, the most stable and consistent mood, the least bloating and the best poops (yup, I went there!).

That’s why it can be helpful to work with a natural health care practitioner or nutritionist to design a personalized diet tailored to your unique dietary needs (wink wink, nudge nudge! Checkout your options here) 
With all that said, some days I just really freaking want oatmeal or toast.

Something simple, you know? Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of “hemp seed non-oatmeal oatmeal” dishes and I thought – perfect! 

This was made for me! A fat and protein fuelled breakfast that’s equally comforting and delicious as oatmeal? Sign me up!
The beauty of this recipe is that it contains no oats or grains, so it’s perfect for anyone following a paleo, ketogenic, gluten-free, dairy-free or a low sugar diet (perfect for our recipe clubbers, because May is our Sugar Free month!)
Here’s what you’re getting in every bite:

Hemp Seeds: This is what makes up your “oats” in this recipe. Hemp seeds are considered a “perfect protein” as it contains all 20 amino acids, including the 9 essential amino acids that the body can’t produce. This makes it super easy for our body to absorb and make use of. Because they are so rich in fat and protein, they are great for balancing hormones, providing relief for joint pain, weight loss, heart health and digestive health.

I order mine from Eaton Hemp — eatonhemp.com/healthyhormones — you can save 20% off your order with the code HEALTHYHORMONES

Chia Seeds: This is another nutritional powerhouse you may be more familiar with if you’ve had a Chia Pudding or thrown these in your smoothie before. Chia Seeds absorb 10X their weight in water making them a super hydrating food. When they are in liquid or water, they turn into this gelatinous texture, which is super soothing for the gut lining, especially for those that suffer from digestive issues. They’re also packed with fibre and protein, meaning you’ll stay satiated for hours (for real, though!)

Coconut Milk/Unsweetened Shredded Coconut: Another member of the fat fam – coconut! We know and love this tropical superfood for being one of the richest sources of saturated fat. Wait, what? I thought saturated fat was bad for me? Not quite, deary! Coconut contains Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) (versus long-chain fatty acids), which are metabolized differently by the body. They go straight to the liver from the digestive tract and are used as a quick source of energy instead of immediately being stored as fat. See? Fat is your friend!

Ground Flax: Flax seed is the new “pepper” in my life – I sprinkle it on everything! Flaxseeds are a super rich source of omega-3, packed with fibre and protein (see ya later, cravings) and help to reduce cholesterol. Since they’re so rich in fibre, they are a dream and a half when it comes to alleviating digestive issues. Have some gut inflammation? Eat flax. Do you suffer from Chrohn’s Disease? Eat flax. Are you constipated frequently? Eat some dang flax! It’s best to consume it in its ground form, as it is easier to digest. When it’s in its whole form, it has the potential of passing through your intestine undigested, meaning you won’t reap all of it’s many benefits. Needless to say, flax is a pretty bad-ass superfood that you should definitely be weasling into your diet!

Are you ready to dive into this goodness? Nosh away!


Gluten Free Hemp Seed N'Oatmeal
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  1. ¼ cup hemp seeds
  2. 1 cup coconut milk
  3. 1 tbsp ground flax
  4. 1 tbsp chia seeds
  5. 6 tbsp unsweetened sulphite-free shredded coconut
  6. pinch of sea salt
  1. 1 tbsp maple syrup (optional)
  2. 1 tbsp cacao nibs (optional)
  3. drizzle of almond butter
  4. blueberries
  5. nuts & seeds
  1. Place all ingredients into a small pot, mix together and bring to a boil.
  2. Once boiling, bring down to low heat and let simmer for 4-5 minutes until most of the coconut milk is absorbed (it should be a thick oatmeal-like texture once it’s done)
  3. Transfer to a bowl and top with toppings of your choice.
  1. *If you are typically drawn to sweet flavours, I suggest adding a bit of maple syrup. For those that like to taste all the in’s and the out’s of the natural flavours of coconut, hemp and so on, you can get away with not adding any – but have fun with it! It’s up to you!
Holistic Wellness https://holisticwellness.ca/

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Rachel Molenda is a Toronto-based Holistic Nutritionist (CNP) and Freelance Social Media Manager & Strategist for health-based businesses. After a short and stressful career in advertising, she decided to fully immerse herself in the health world, where she healed herself from chronic stress, emotional eating and digestive upset. With each client she works with, Rachel brings her simplistic, anti-diet, whole foods-based approach to help people find balance and optimal health so they can thrive in their bodies as they once did. Rachel is the in-house Holistic Nutritionist at The Root Natural Health Clinic in Port Credit, ON where she educates clients on the healing power of food and therapeutic supplementation through nutrition consultations, group talks and workshops.


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