Products I Love For Making Meatless Monday Meals Fast, Easy and Healthy!

Happy Monday everyone! I’ve decided to take a different route to my typical meatless monday posts and blog about the healthy and delicious products I love that are great for whipping up a healthy vegetarian meal in no time! So…let’s get started with my fast, easy, and healthy go-to grocery list-

1. KING SOBA NOODLES- OK…seriously, these noodles are becoming my new obsession! From pumpkin ginger brown rice noodles, to sweet potato and buckwheat, this line of noodles offers an amazing selection and they cook up in no time….Bonus! The other day I cooked up some pumpkin ginger rice noodles and mixed it with my absolute favourite pesto (see below). www.kingsoba.com

2. SUNFLOWER KITCHEN – All I gotta say is WOW! Have you tried their kale and oregano pesto?!? I ALWAYS keep one in my fridge as I find I constantly use it for spreads, dips, and noodle/pasta dishes. Aside from the pesto, I’m also a huge fan of their roasted garlic hummus spread. It’s great on sandwiches and has the perfect garlicky kick! I love toasting up some sprouted bread, spreading it with hummus, and topping it with avocado and tomato. This sandwich is perfect for lunch! Best part is, sunflower kitchen is local! Yippee! www.sunflowerkitchen.com

3. HENRY’S GOURMET TEMPEH -This fermented goodness is made from soybeans. In making tempeh, soybeans are cleaned, cracked, dehulled, cooked, then inoculated with a starter culture, and finally incubated. During incubation the important phase of fermentation occurs. I love adding the curry tempeh to roasted veggies, or slicing thinly the soy basil tempeh and adding it to my hummus, avocado and tomato sandwich! Another fast and easy meal, tempeh only takes a few mintues to sautee! www.tempeh.ca


4. GARDEIN- Incredibly delicious meatless alternatives. Recently, they’ve extended their line (yay!) and it is quite impressive what can be done with really good herbs, spices and soy. I really love these products and just the other day whipped up the chipotle lime crispy ‘chicken’ fingers! They were AWESOME! I mixed some sriracha (hot sauce) with vegenaise to make a spicy dip and it wasn’t before long that I polished off a whole plate of these yummy bad boys! Bake them for 20-25 mins, toss up a salad, and there you have it; meatless monday meals made SUPER easy! www.gardein.com


Have a Happy Monday and Enjoy your Meatless Meals πŸ™‚




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