This Ones for the Dog Lovers….

Poppy enjoying her bone marrow

In December of last year, my boyfriend and I adopted a dog. Her name is Poppy! She is a rescue dog that came all the way from Ohio, (from a high kill pound- yes…these actually exist!) and landed into our loving arms!! She is absolutely amazing, and for all you dog lovers out there, I’m sure you know how it feels to come home to a loving, happy beautiful creature.

Poppy is just over 2, with quite the mix! She’s has a little bit of lab, hound, terrier and chihuahua. She’s about 16lbs (was a little malnourished and 12lbs when we got her) and I thought today, I would share with you what I’ve been feeding her, because it’s only the best!!

Poppy was originally eating science diet kibble, and I’ve made the switch to raw food! One month she’ll get chicken and mackerel, the next month, beef and vegetables, and currently she is eating turkey and vegetables, all raw of course! I’ve been purchasing Tollden Farms Raw food for dogs from Global Pet Foods (which is like the whole foods of dog stores!!). Tollden Farms uses only the freshest human grade protein, with fresh fruits and vegetables and absolutely NO by products! The meat is frozen into individual patties which makes it great for defrosting. I feed her 1/3 of the raw patty in the morning and 1/3 at night. She also eats a very small handful of Orijen Kibble, which is an amazing kibble because it is grain free. Grains do not belong in a dogs diet! The kibble is 70% meat with 30% fruits, veggies and herbs.

That’s not all…. I also add 1 scoop of Omega Alpha probiotic8 to her food, along with Auum Seal Oil, and half a teaspoon of Purica Recovery- a Joint supportive product for dogs. Poppy has a knee cap out of alignment, so its best that I start her on this supplement.

She is a happy thriving dog, with the shiniest coat, the cleanest teeth, a healthy immune system, and the healthiest doggie poos!! All thanks to RAW food!

I’m sure many of us own pets, and it’s important to understand how they would behave in nature. Dogs are really from the wild. They fend for themselves and kill their food. They don’t take out the barbecue and grill up a steak!! They ravage their meat and eat it raw- organs, bones and everything! Its only natural that we feed our animals the way nature intended. I know many people who feed their dogs and cats raw food. Friends of mine have a dog the age of 27 and their cat is 21!! They’ve been eating raw from day one! That is really amazing!

Click on some of the links above to learn about raw food and great dog supplements. I highly recommend Purica Recovery for any dog that is injured or suffering from arthritis/joint pain due to old age. It truly is a great product! This product is also available for humans!! I have many friends and family who use this product for themselves and their dogs and feel great because of it.

Off to treat Poppy to some bone marrow!

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