Detoxify or Die

 Detox is not as scary as you think! Trust me. But it is definitely something we need to be more conscious of and understand. 

In fact, I’m reading a book right now by Dr. Sherry A. Rogers, titled Detoxify or Die. It was actually published in 2002 and I’m just getting around to reading it now. It’s a pretty intimidating title!

Dr. Rogers dives into the importance of why we need to detox and helps you to become aware of the many chemicals and toxins lurking in our environment and food. 

There have been many books published since then outlining why detoxification is so important and along with that, there have been some very interesting ways and methods to detox! From saunas, to enemas, to raw food cleanses, juice cleanses and 72 hour fasts; it’s no wonder we’re all confused about health and what it means to truly take care of our bodies!

You know how nice it feels to drive your car home after getting a tune up? The oil is squeaky clean, the fluids have been topped off, windshield wipers have been changed, tire pressure is at that perfect level, and it’s been washed inside and out? Well, just like our cars need a tune up, a seasonal detox allows our bodies to become shiny and new again too.  It allows our body to reboot our metabolism, boost our immunity, clears the cobwebs from our minds, gives our skin a chance to glow, and allows us to lose weight effortlessly.

After 10 years of studying detoxification and putting ALL my clients through specific detox protocols (because let’s face it, we are all exposed to toxins and need to clear them), I’ve developed the best nutritional detox protocols and herbal therapies that have helped my clients tremendously. In fact, a detox program has been profound for my clients who have been struggling with infertility. 

Some people are afraid that a detox will be too hard. In fact, I often find my clients let their mental clutter get in the way of truly achieving the health and body they so badly desire.

I’ve heard all the excuses! From I have to paint my house, to my husband doesn’t approve of this, to I don’t have the time, to I just don’t have the money… I’ve heard it all when it comes to people holding themselves back from moving forward in their life and putting their health first. I know you want to be happy, feel energetic, vibrant, and full of joy. I know that your bloated tummy, all consuming sugar cravings and constant fatigue won’t go away on it’s own unless you address it.

So how do you address it? Easy.

By eating real, whole foods and making yourself a priority. It’s that simple.

You don’t need to run out and buy the latest detox kit, some magic supplement or expensive enema kit. By incorporating simple and effective detox techniques and using food as medicine, you can detox easily and on the cheap!

 Here are 5  simple and effective detox tips that you can implement today to start feeling more vibrant, less bloated and more energized:

  1. Start your day with warm water and 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. This is a simple way to detox the liver and increase bile flow
  2. Drink more water – you need water to help flush toxins from your system. I personally am a big fan of spring water. You can locate a spring near you at www.findaspring.com
  3. Eat more fiber – from fruits and veggies, to psyllium, flax and chia, there are many great ways to increase your fiber intake. You need fiber to help bind to toxins in your gut to help flush them out. This is where the water really comes in!
  4. Sweat! An infrared sauna is one of the best ways to release deep rooted toxins. Search for one in local gyms or spas near you. Otherwise, exercise, steam rooms, and hot baths are great ways to sweat and get those toxins out!
  5. Ditch the sugar – ok, I know this one is hard but it’s necessary. Start to cut back your intake and pay attention to the hidden sugars lurking in many packaged foods. Artificial sweeteners are a big no-no too! Sugar impairs your liver and gut from detoxifying effectively. 

Luckily for you I’m launching my Qualitarian Spring Detox next week! My 21-day detox contains over 100+ recipes, an easy to follow meal plan and a complete detox guide explaining the ins and outs to detoxing. Oh! You’ll also get my 3-day juice and smoothie cleanse, my Qualitarian Life ebook and exercise guide too! All the tools necessary to take the guess work out of how to detox, what to eat and what supplements to take. 

You will NOT feel deprived. We are going to keep it simple and eat wholesome, nourishing foods. The only thing you have to lose is some unwanted pounds, dark circles and puffiness under your eyes, and that feeling of lethargy that has been dragging you down. You will discover your blueprint for the foods that work for your unique body and I’ll be there cheering you on every step of the way!

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In the meantime, implement my 5 tips above and get started detoxing and energizing your body today!


Detoxer Extraordinaire
Samantha xoxo

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