Why I’m So Proud of My Mama…

I am so proud of my mama…

Early in December my moms fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis got the best of her. She spent all of the holidays in so much pain she could barely walk. She couldn’t sleep and spent many nights crying in pain.

Years of stress, being on her feet and not taking time for herself caught up to her.

I’ve posted about my mom before, and how much I’ve learned so much from her and have taken on many of her culinary skills

You see…even though my mom is a fabulous cook and makes everything from scratch, she truly never understood what GMO’s meant, or the importance of eating organic, and the damaging effects of gluten and dairy.

So when her pain got to the point of crippling, she started to listen.

She’s been juicing, making a ton of green smoothies, eating better quality protein, lots of good quality fats, drinking a TON of water and eliminating gluten and dairy.

She’s been more conscious about purchasing organic and even threw out a bunch of her toxic household cleaning and skin care products.

She visited a rheumatology specialist who put her on a cocktail of medications which I didn’t completely agree with, but I understand that she needed the relief. This MD rolled her eyes at me when I spoke of supplements and nutrition and the mention of my Integrative Medical Doctor. Such lack of respect and support.

Then I booked her an appointment with my Doctor at the Markham Integrative Medicine Clinic. There, my mom received a 1hr consult, got an anti inflammatory supplement protocol and did a live blood cell test which showed she was severely B12 deficient.

Now…she barely has any pain. She can walk. Sleep better. Think better and she’s lost 15lbs! In her own words she told me “I feel so happy!” This all happened in a short 4 week period!

YOU…are so capable of creating the LIFE you want! It is YOUR birthright to live with abundant good health.

I hope my mother can be an inspiration for you to create positive change with your health.

You are SO WORTH IT!

Listen to the whispers of your body. My mother ignored them for years and spent weeks in agony.

Prevention is EVERYTHING.

I’m here for you xoxo

And mama….I’m so proud of you!

To Your Health & Abundance,

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