How To Make Homemade Vanilla Sesame Almond Milk

Mmm….Mmm….Almond Milk!

I promise you it’s delicious and way easier to make then you think!

It’s been years since I stopped drinking dairy, and let me tell you, my skin cleared up, allergies went away and my nose stopped running!

Yes…dairy can cause all of these issues. Dairy is quite mucus forming, which causes a ton of issues in our digestive tract. Plus, all that mucus (as gross as it sounds), affects our sinuses; hence why you may notice that once you quit drinking milk, you can actually breath better and don’t need to blow your nose so frequently!

Dairy today ain’t what it was years ago! Our dairy contains tons of antibiotics and hormones. Plus, the feed given to cattle is full of Genetically Modified grains!

So….my suggestion….avoid it!

Make almond milk instead! It’s loaded with calcium, NOT mucus forming and can be used in place of milk for just about anything!

In my video below, I run you through my easy-peesy steps! You’ll be sipping homemade almond milk in no time!

My recipe is quite unique because I add sesame seeds. These gorgeous little seeds contain a ton of plant based calcium and other minerals. Sesame and almonds make the perfect match in this recipe!


Vanilla Almond Sesame Milk


¼ cup sesame seeds
1 cup raw unsalted almonds
1/3 tsp raw vanilla bean
Pinch of sea salt
1L of spring water


Soak your almonds overnight. In the morning, drain and strain almonds under cold water (do not reuse the water the almonds were soaked in. Be sure to discard). Add almonds to your blender, along with sesame seeds and spring water. Blend well.

Pour blended milk into a ‘nut sac’ bag and strain through. Add the strained milk back to the blender. Add in vanilla and sea salt and blend again until well combined. Pour almond milk into a glass jug and store in the fridge for up to 4-5 days.

Enjoy! 🙂

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