Chocolatey Black Bean Brownies

Simple, easy, and mess free! These brownies are so easy to make. Pile all your ingredients into a food processor and viola! You've got delicious brownie batter made from BLACK BEANS! Yes…ya heard right! These brownies are made with heart healthy, fibrous black beans. I was shocked at how moist they were! They are absolutely [...]

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Valentines Day Treats for Your Sweetheart

Valentines Day treats do not need to be unhealthy. Avoid the unnecessary sugars, unhealthy fats, and poor quality chocolate (cacao is the way to go!) and make your valentine something sweet in your own kitchen! I love this recipe (adapted from Doug McNish Eat Raw Eat Well cookbook). It's loaded with heart healthy fats (bonus…February [...]

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DIY: Homemade Chocolate Lover’s Massage Butter

Creams, potions, lubes, massage oils. How many of these have you used on yourself or your lover for Valentines Day? Or use on a regular basis to soften and moisturize? It's quite scary how many products on the market contain carcinogenic ingredients, ie. cancer causing ingredients. What's more scary is that we bask ourselves in [...]

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Holiday Chocolate Bark with Almonds, Goji Berries and Crispy Rice

Chocolate! Did I say the magic word? I think it's safe to say that this time of year, a little extra chocolate gets consumed. Lot's of baking is going on in my house for sure, and I'm definitely taste testing everything! Sooo….if you're gonna get to baking or making some chocolate bark, why not healthify [...]

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Delicious Flourless Almond Butter Chocolate Chip Brownies!

I LOVE baking! I'm always tweaking recipes and up for the challenge to health-ify desserts! I make these delicious flour less almond butter cookies (recipe here!) and they are a huge hit! So I thought I would take that same recipe and make brownies! I made a few slight changes and it was a success! [...]

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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Eat Some Dessert! My Chocolate Raspberry Ice Cream Cake- Dairy Free and Delicious!

Happy New Year! I wish for 2013 to be a year full of JOY, HAPPINESS, LOVE & ABUNDANCE for everyone! With each new year we have an opportunity for new beginnings; an opportunity to create positive changes in our lives. I typically don't believe in resolutions, because I personally strive to be a better me [...]

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Crispy TWIX bars & Gluten Free Avocado Chocolate Chip Muffins! Simple and Delicious Halloween Goodies!

Halloween is upon us! If you've been following me on Facebook or Twitter, you'll notice all my Halloween pics and pumpkin postings! I just can't get enough! Halloween comes once a year and I say embrace it! No matter what your age is! Today's recipes are perfect goodies for Halloween, sure to please the whole [...]

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Black Bean Quinoa Burgers and Chocolate Raspberry Almond Smoothie for Meatless Monday

I got so excited when I saw this black bean burger recipe from Vegetarian Times land in my inbox, I just had to try it! It's not often that I make veggie burgers but since I had all ingredients on hand, I couldn't resist. They turned out delicious...and best part is, I made a second [...]

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Chocolate Coconut Avocado Muffins and Organic Green Garlic Pesto for Meatless Monday

If your turning up your nose at the thought of chocolate and avocado together, then your in a for a BIG surprise! The blend of these two divine ingredients make for the perfect match! Avocado helps keep these chocolatey muffins super moist and raw cacao gives these muffins a high power antioxidant boost! Now that [...]

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