Holistic Wellness Products- Beauty Care Made Simply and Naturally

Growing up my cupboards were full of all kinds of  beauty promising products. I was unaware that my body butters, lotions and potions were full of chemical and toxic ingredients that were getting absorbed directly into my skin! As my passion for nutrition and understanding the physiology of the body grew; I started to learn about more natural and organic ingredients. I learned about flower essences, plant oils and essential oils and how potent they can be to heal and nourish our skin. I became obsessed with every product that was going on my skin, and most importantly in my mouth! Generic toothpastes and mouthwashes got the boot, and I started to care for my teeth with baking soda, essential oils and potent natural extracts that not only whitened my teeth, but helped me to reverse cavities! And so, this is how the Holistic Wellness product line was born. My passion for clean and natural ingredients that can heal and nourish is bottled up for you to enjoy and to experiment true and lasting beauty. Your teeth will the cleanest, healthiest they have ever been, and your skin will be radiant and soft. All products are made by the beautiful and talented Kathrin Brunner of For The Love of Body. Together, we create magical and healing blends that are free from ALL chemical and toxic ingredients. 


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Reversing Cavities & Tips for Incredibly Healthy Teeth!

I go to the dentist about every 8 months or so.

I never get the fluoride…because this has been linked to numerous health issues, and I’ve never had a cavity! That’s right…never! I came close once however, and since then, made it a point to follow a diligent and successful self -dentistry regime that has kept my pearly whites super clean and cavity free!

Watch my video below for my tips to having the healthiest teeth ever!

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Happy Brushing! 🙂



P.S. If you’re interested in the Yogi Tooth Serum that I mention in my video, you can purchase it here – LivingLibations.com, along with other amazing products that I absolutely LOVE!!

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