My Beach Bum Back and Biceps Workout

Hi ya beach bums!

So happy you can join me on day 2 of my beach body workout!

Yesterday’s leg & booty workout was a killer. Let me know if you tried it and how you’re feeling today! You can find the workout HERE.

Remember, go at your own pace and do what feels comfortable for you.

As for weight, I encourage you to challenge yourself, but not to over do it.

For your first rep, start out at a lower weight to ‘warm-up’ your muscles, then increase the weight to what is comfortable for you. On your last rep, it should feel rather hard to get through. If it feels as though you can add on a few reps, then the weight probably isn’t heavy enough. This will take some trial and error.

Be sure to include a quick 5 minute stretch/warm-up before beginning this routine.

Now let’s get to your workout!


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