Stop Postponing Your Life and Take Action NOW! Reserve Your Spot for The Game Changer Weekend!

Mike-Gillespie-198x300Meet Mike Gillespie, a Life Strategist and the brains behind Happy, Healthy and Wise. Mike is a positive, energetic thrill seeker that helps you transform your life from Ordinary into EXTRAordinary. On August 10-11th, Mike is hosting the Game Changer Weekend, and I am thrilled to be a part of it! I’ll be guiding you through food demos, Yoga classes and most importantly, overhauling your diet so you can achieve optimal health and vitality! I can’t wait! This weekend will be full of fun, inspiration and an opportunity to dig deep into the things that hold you back from achieving a life of greatness!


The Game Changer Weekend

Get ready for the Weekend that changes it ALL!

Imagine a life filled with fun, happiness and balance…

Imagine a life of peak health and maximum energy…

Imagine a life where you have control of your day, instead of your day controlling you…


What would YOU do with a LIFE like THAT??

Are YOU ready to find out?

For the first time ever, I bring it all together in this Game Changer weekend. You will learn…

  • How to add more hours to your day

  • Simplify lifestyle changes that will shoot your energy levels through the roof

  • Proven strategies to cut the clutter, quiet the noise and simplify your life

  • How to get (and stay) motivated to take action now and live life NOW!

  • To get clear and focus on the important things in your life

  • To laugh and have fun again. Lots of fun!

  • What’s holding you back from the big things you are capable of

  • Strategies to work smarter, no harder

  • To use daily rituals to exponentially improve your well being

  • To create a Life Plan and put it in action

  • How to put it all together and balance it all


Seating is extremely limited!

The Game Changer Weekend is taking place August 10-11th-2013.

Please email Mike at or myself to reserve your spot today!


We are still offering a discounted rate, so please inquire asap as only a few spots are left!


Health & Abundance,
Samantha 🙂

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