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Podcast Episode: 205 – Q&A: Steps for Healing Your Thyroid + The Case for Raw Milk

Today, Samantha is answering listener questions about healing your thyroid and the benefits of raw milk! She dives deep into the testing you need to understand your thyroid health, which practitioners can support you best, and how your immune system and adrenals can play a factor in your thyroid health. Samantha also gives her rundown […]

Podcast Episode 204: Making Healthy Habits Stick with Sara Best

Sara Best is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Consistency Coach who is here to share her tips and tricks for getting healthy habits to stick! She breaks down how we can go from mindless to mindful eating, and why this is a powerful tool for creating healthier habits with food. Sara also explores why willpower […]

Podcast Episode 203: The Bean Protocol with Unique Hammond

Today we’re talking beans + healing with holistic nutrition practitioner, health coach, and author, Unique Hammond! Unique shares her powerful healing story with endometriosis and Crohn’s disease, and how the Bean Protocol completely changed her health and life.   In this episode of The Wellness Witch Podcast: Unique’s healing journey with Crohn’s & endometriosis Fundamentals […]

Podcast Episode 202: Biggest Takeaways From Losing Social Media with Jen Szpigie

Jen Szpigiel is a Business and Lifestyle Mentor and the host of the Becoming Iconic podcast. She supports entrepreneurs who want to build 6+ figure businesses and brands without sacrificing themselves and their relationships. Today, she shares her story of how her social media was hacked, resulting in her losing thousands of followers, and how […]

Podcast Episode 201: 5 Steps to Creating Metabolic Wellness

In today’s solo, Samantha unpacks signs of a sluggish metabolism and ways you can restore all metabolic processes for an optimized thyroid, sex hormones, and digestion. Through these five steps, you can build and create metabolic wellness for yourself! In this episode of The Wellness Witch Podcast: Signs your metabolism is trashed vs. thriving When […]

Podcast Episode 200: Harnessing the Power of Tarot with Kim Krans

Kim Krans is the artist and author behind The Wild Unknown oracle deck series. Today Kim shares the pivotal moment in her life that sent her on the path of her destiny in creating these decks and talks about Alchemy, the fourth and final deck in her series. She’s passionate about opening our imagination and […]

Podcast Episode 199: Why Community is Medicine with Dr. Michelle Peris

Naturopathic doctor, community builder, and host of the Rebel Talk podcast, Dr. Michelle Peris, is on the show to discuss why community and social relationships play a huge part in our health puzzle. They talk about why even just one deep relationship where you can be vulnerable and real is transformative for your health, while […]

Podcast Episode 198: The Healing Powers of Micro-dosing & Psychedelics with Lana Pribic

Lana Pribic is a life coach and cohost of the podcast Modern Psychedelics. In today’s conversation, Lana shares how her path led her to life coaching and utilizing psychedelics for healing. She talks about her journeys with ayahuasca and protocols for micro-dosing psilocybin, and how these experiences have moved her from a place of victimhood […]

Podcast Episode 197: Tidy Up Your Home & Mental Space with the KonMari Method | Lisa Tselebidis

Professional organizer and KonMari certified consultant, Lisa Tselebidis, is on the show to guide us in decluttering and tidying Lisa Tselebidis our homes! She shares how living clutter-free supports our mental health, finances, and time management, and breaks down exactly how you can begin clearing out and organizing your space. Let’s get ready for some […]

Podcast Episode 196: How to Hack Your Blood Sugar & Stop Cravings with Jessie Inchauspe

Today’s episode with biochemist and author of Glucose Revolution, Jessie Inchauspe, is all about how to hack your blood sugar to boost energy, balance hormones, and delay aging while still eating all the foods you love!   In this episode of The Wellness Witch Podcast: Jessie’s physical & mental health journey Everyday hacks to balance […]