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Podcast Episode 228: The Power of Light for Energy, Fertility, Hormones and Sleep with Roudy Nassif

Being light-conscious is one of the simplest, cheapest, yet most overlooked approaches to health and hormonal healing. In today’s episode, engineer and light expert, Roudy Nassif, talks about the way light affects our overall health, including its impact on our mitochondria, blood glucose, adrenal health and sleep. He also explains why most bluelight blocking glasses […]

Podcast Episode 227: Mushroom Immune Intelligence with Mimi Lindquist

Mimi Lindquist is a culinary nutrition expert, AHCC educator and co-owner of MushyLove, a mushroom company here to help you develop a conscious relationship with your health through a delicious-tasting mushroom elixir. Her passion is helping others become empowered, active participants in proactively creating a life that they love. Today on the show, Mimi talks […]

Podcast Episode 226: Marry Your Authority, Fuck Your Profile, Kill Your Energy: Human Design with Caitlin Kirkpatrick

Caitlin Kirkpatrick is a Human Design guide, holistic health coach, and 7D energy healer who’s obsessed with helping high achievers own their uniqueness, and create massive success on their own terms. Using human design as a framework, Caitlin supports clients in complete mind, body and spirit deconditioning to help them step into their fully expressed […]

Podcast Episode 225: Overcoming Excuses & Creating the Business and Life You Desire with Felicia Cafego

Today on the show, Samantha has an honest, transparent discussion with her former student and Functional Nutrition Practitioner, Felicia Cafego. In this episode, Samantha and Felicia talk through the development of Felicia’s program, The Holistic Menstrual Reset, which helps women suffering with hormonal imbalances that lead to symptoms like PMS, irregular cycles, heavy bleeding and […]

Podcast Episode: 224 – Sex, Relationships & Personal Power with Alexa Bowditch

Alexa Bowditch is on a mission to reform sex-education and sexual expression across the globe. As a sex and love coach, Alexa is committed to helping women and couples have epic sex and deeply fulfilling relationships. In today’s episode, Samantha and Alexa talk all about sex and relationships, including the four things that ruin relationships […]

Podcast Episode 223: An Honest AF Conversation with Kelli Moore

Today, we’re having a transparent and honest AF conversation with Kelli Moore, the co-founder and CEO of Soulfire Productions, on her fertility and IVF journey. Kelli gives a play-by-play of the timeline of IVF, unpacking the extreme lows she experienced from the medications, and how it painfully impacted her relationship with herself and her husband. […]

Podcast Episode 222: Biz Chat: Heal Limiting Beliefs to Make More Money with Lesya Holzapfel

As the founder and CEO of BSB Tribe and CKCC, Lesya Holzapfel helps high-achieving, professional women shed fat utilizing a clean keto and carb cycling approach. Today, you’ll hear the ups and downs of her entrepreneurship journey, and what she’s learned about limiting beliefs and abundance while growing her business. Lesya unpacks how the success […]

Podcast Episode 221: Rock Bottom Breakthroughs & Connecting with Your Inner Self with Eddy Phimphrachanh

Today on the show, Samantha is joined by nightclub owner turned psychedelic guide, Eddy Phimphrachang. After close to a decade of owning and operating a restaurant and nightclub, Eddy experienced a health and life crisis that became the catalyst for his transition into the health and fitness industry, as a gym owner and beach body […]

Podcast Episode 220: Reclaiming My Femininity with LSD

With the ongoing, revolutionary research of psychedelic medicines, our collective understanding of mental health, and healthcare in general, is entering a new paradigm. There is a lot of new science about how these medicines can support addiction and depression, and widespread excitement about their ability to expand our understanding of transcendence and consciousness at large. […]

Podcast Episode 219: The Business of Birth Control with Abby Epstein

Today’s guest is award-winning documentary filmmaker, Abby Epstein. Abby has directed a number of eye-opening documentaries, alongside executive producer, Ricki Lake. Two of her most notable films are The Business of Being Born, and The Business of Birth Control which are aimed to educate and empower women–and expecting families–to make informed medical decisions. In this […]