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Podcast Episode 222: Biz Chat: Heal Limiting Beliefs to Make More Money with Lesya Holzapfel

As the founder and CEO of BSB Tribe and CKCC, Lesya Holzapfel helps high-achieving, professional women shed fat utilizing a […]

Podcast Episode 221: Rock Bottom Breakthroughs & Connecting with Your Inner Self with Eddy Phimphrachanh

Today on the show, Samantha is joined by nightclub owner turned psychedelic guide, Eddy Phimphrachang. After close to a decade […]

Podcast Episode 220: Reclaiming My Femininity with LSD

With the ongoing, revolutionary research of psychedelic medicines, our collective understanding of mental health, and healthcare in general, is entering […]

Podcast Episode 219: The Business of Birth Control with Abby Epstein

Today’s guest is award-winning documentary filmmaker, Abby Epstein. Abby has directed a number of eye-opening documentaries, alongside executive producer, Ricki […]

Podcast Episode 218: Living with Radical Confidence and Self-Acceptance with Lisa Bilyeu

Lisa Bilyeu is the co-founder of Quest Nutrition and the co-founder and President of Impact Theory studios, a revolutionary, digital-first […]

Podcast Episode 217: The Power of Medicinal Mushrooms for Whole Body Health with Brandi Garden

Brandi Garden is the owner of Eversio Wellness, a family owned and operated Canadian mushroom wellness company with the mission […]

Podcast Episode 216: Business Rants on Expectations, Possibilities and Success

So many of us get defeated when the thing that we’ve launched or created doesn’t immediately work out the way […]

Podcast Episode 215: Working Through Difficult Emotions with Ancient Yogic Principles with Jai Dev Singh

Today on the show, Samantha is joined by Jai Dev Singh. Jai Dev is a Kundalini yoga instructor, Ayurvedic specialist […]

Podcast Episode 214: The Magic of Castor Oil Packs for Detox and Hormones with Marisol Teijeiro

Naturopathic doctor, award winning author and founder of “Queen of the Thrones” reusable castor oil products, Marisol Teijeiro, is on […]

Podcast Episode 213: Why Minerals Matter for Your Health with Nadine Allaham

Nadine Allaham is a formal nutritionist that’s passionate about empowering women with food and, more importantly, building a life that […]