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Podcast Episode  244: Breathwork and Costa Rica

In today’s solo, Samantha shares some stories from her recent trip to Costa Rica. She had originally planned to make the trek with one of her best friends but, just days before the trip, things took an unexpected turn when she learned that she would be going alone. Samantha gives her honest perspective of what […]

Podcast Episode 243 – Biz Class Part 3: Social Media Strategies

We’ve all heard why it’s so important for entrepreneurs to have a strong social media presence but, without the right approach, social media has a tendency to make us feel overwhelmed. Some of us even have a deep seeded hatred towards it, to the point of refusing to make it a part of our business […]

Podcast Episode 242: Achieving Mental Wealth, Speaking Up & Thriving Through the Madness of The World with Kaylor Betts

As the self-described anti-woke, freedom-fighting life coach, Kaylor Bett’s loves to dive into uncomfortable topics, push people’s buttons and offer new perspectives that inspire others to take ownership of their lives. After one long pot-pen-fueled, anxious Netflix binge, Kaylor finally got off his ass, started to sweat and began taking steps that would become the […]

Podcast Episode 241- Biz Class Part 2: Mastering Your Mindset & Knowing Your Customer Avatar

As humans, we have a knack for overcomplicating things and getting in our own way. Today’s solo episode is all about simplifying and streamlining your message. Samantha walks us through the process of establishing your niche by mastering your mindset and really getting to know who your customer avatar is. Once you know exactly who […]

Podcast Episode 240: Biz Class Part 1: 5 Things You Need for More Leads

Today’s solo episode is the first of four business episodes set to come out on four consecutive Thursdays in March. The original recording is from Samantha’s “marketing school” facebook live session back in October of 2022. In it, she dives into how she carved her own path to success, and gives you five tips for […]

Podcast Episode 239: Animal Agriculture & Its Environmental Impact with Tara Vander Dussen

Today, Samantha is joined by Tara Vander Dussen, a fifth generation dairy farmer who happens to be married to another fifth generation dairy farmer. Daniel, her husband, manages the day to day on the farm, while Tara has her own career as an environmental consultant, online agriculture advocate and podcaster. In this episode, in response […]

Podcast Episode 238: Medicinal Mushrooms for Menopause, Stress, Sleep & Libido with Brandi Garden

Let’s face it, as we get into our forties, our resilience is declining. There are so many hormonal shifts within the perimenopause period that can create a cascade of effects that leave us feeling stressed and unbalanced. If only there were some sort of magic elixir that could help us thrive through perimenopause, meeting all […]

Podcast Episode 237: Codependency & Inner Child Work with Victoria Albina

Samantha chats with Victoria Albina, a Master Certified Somatic Life Coach, meditation guide, and self-proclaimed Latina nervous system nerd, with a focus on codependency, people-pleasing and perfectionism. In this episode, Victoria passionately, and with expertise, explains how a host of different topics, such as hormones, orgasms and emotional outsourcing, relate to the sympathetic, dorsal and […]

Podcast Episode 236: Business Growth Strategies & Leveraging Your Business at Any Level

Today on the show, Samantha shares an episode from April 2022, where she was interviewed by her friend, the Personal Leadership Coach and Podcaster, Dr. Laura Foster. This episode lays out Samantha’s entire business journey, from hopeful college nutrition student, to the well-established wellness expert and business mentorship coach she is today, in a much […]

Podcast Episode: 235 – The Impacts of Fast Fashion on the Environment with Kristi Soomer

As health-conscious individuals, we put a great deal of effort into cleaning up our environment. We eat an ancestrally consistent diet, make sure our makeup and cleaning products are non-toxic and avoid plastics like the plague, but we often overlook our clothes. The truth is, our clothing can be just as toxic as these other […]