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Podcast Episode 258: What Women Really Want From Men with Jordan Bowditch

Jordan Bowditch is a confidence and intimacy coach—and a self-proclaimed brofessional eduatiner—that supports men and couples in having the life and love of their dreams. Jordan uses radical authenticity and humor to make talking about the often heavy topics of sex and love a bit more fun and productive. In this episode, Samantha and Jordan […]

Podcast Episode 257: Mastering Your Hormone Mindset

After 15 years of coaching women, Samantha has found a client’s mindset to be the biggest indicator of their success. In today’s episode, she offers up some key components to help women construct the robust mindset that will serve as both the foundation and driving force for them along their journeys to optimal health. It’s […]

Podcast Episode 256 – Your Blood Is Lying to You: Why Minerals Matter with Barton Scott

So many of us have gone to our doctors, gotten blood work and told that everything looks fine…but we still don’t feel fine. Could your blood work be lying to you? In today’s episode, Samantha’s joined by Barton Scott, a biochemist and the founder and developer of Upgraded Formulas, a wellness company focused on identifying […]

Podcast Episode 255: Renegade Beauty: Skin, Sun, Science with Nadine Artemis

Today’s guest is one of Samantha’s sheros, the woman behind the beauty products she’s been using for the past 20 years, Nadine Artemis. Nadine is a green beauty botanical formulator, author and the founder of Living Libations skin products. In this episode, she shares a wealth of knowledge with us about all things skincare including […]

Podcast Episode 254: Leaning Into Life, Breathwork and Plant Medicine with Giovanni Bartolomeo

Today’s guest, Giovanni Bartolomeo, is a full-spectrum entrepreneur, personal development coach and breathwork instructor who holds a deep reverence for the power plant medicine. After establishing himself within his multifaceted, but more traditional, career path—with a wife, kids and a nice BMW in the driveway—Gio realized that he still felt empty inside. Not too long […]

Podcast Episode 253: The Magic of Surrender with Kute Blackson

As we approach the middle of our lives, many of our parents are getting older and, the reality is, we don’t know how much time that we have left with them. Today’s guest, Kute Blackson is a beloved inspirational speaker and transformational speaker who has dealt with and fully processed the death of his mother […]

Podcast Episode 252 – Don’t Fear the Sun: Creating Sun Resiliency

Samantha’s fresh off her trip to Jamaica, so she’s sporting a healthy glow and feeling grateful for the sun…So what better time than now to do an episode about safe sun exposure?! Society at large has become super fearful of the sun but this solo is all about what you can do to prepare your […]

Podcast Episode 251: The Powerful Health Benefits of Essential Fatty Acids with Udo Erasmus

Today, Samantha’s guest is Udo Erasmus, the co-founder of Udo’s Choice line of essential fatty acids. Udo designed the machinery for making oils with optimal health in mind and pioneered flax oil, a billion dollar industry, which can now be found in health food stores across the globe. Being a war child, and later working […]

Podcast Episode: 250 – Cultivating Certainty and Confidence in Yourself as a Coach with Kevin Kwan

Over the years, Samantha has worked with a number of coaches, both male and female. Today’s guest, Kevin Kwan, is uniquely down to earth, realistic and emotionally in tune, making him one of the few male coaches that’s been given Samantha’s seal of approval. Kevin is an entrepreneur, father and business coach who helps wellness […]

Podcast Episode 249: Being Healthy, Happy and Horny at 40

In our society, many of us have come to expect that, as we age, we will also experience a gradual decline of our overall health, wellness and libido. But it’s our birthright to feel happy, healthy and horny—this isn’t something you have to say goodbye to as your age begins approaching some arbitrary number. In […]