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Join The Summer Hormone Detox – Detox out Harmful Estrogens & Support Your Thyroid

Problem – you’re feeling fat, frumpy and fatigued. And guess what? You’re not the only one. As someone that is dealing with Hashimoto’s, I’ve had my days of feeling completely exhausted, overwhelmed and brain foggy – is that even a word? I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about.  It’s been over an entire […]

Podcast Episode 9 – How to Heal Estrogen Dominance

What happens when you have high estrogen levels, and what can you do about it? If you want to learn more about estrogen dominance, this podcast is chock-full with the information that will help you avoid it or heal it, and inspire you to make that change to hormonal health!   Click here to Listen […]

Podcast Episode 08 – Q&A | PMS Cravings, Collagen Powder, Parasite Cleansing & The Pill

I get a lot of questions that come in via email or on Instagram or through my website, and I figured I might as well put these into a podcast. So get ready to learn a ton of information as we dive into our very first Q&A episode!   Click here to Listen on iTunes […]

Podcast Episode 07 – Tips for Glowing Skin, Safe Sun Protection & Toxic Chemicals in Your Products

Are you excited to have fun under the sun this summer? Naturopathic doctor and clear skin expert Dr. Jen Newell shares some really great insights and advice about taking care of our skin, what brands to choose and what to look for in a sunblock. It’s a really great conversation to have as we head […]

Podcast Episode 6 – Oliver Manalese – Owning Your Power, Creating Possibility & Achieving Success Without Losing Yourself

Have you ever experienced burnout in your life or thought that there was something missing in it? What about the thought that there’s something more for you to do, more for you to become and more for you to achieve? Is it even possible to reach your goals and live a life of purpose without […]

Episode 5: Dr. Andrea Maxim – Food Sensitivities and Your Hormones + Skin Health & Digestion

  Want to learn more about food sensitivities and how they are related to your hormones? Perk up your ears as the creator of the Maxim Movement, Dr. Andrea Maxim shares so much goodness on today’s podcast.      Topics Discussed in this Episode: The first step towards treating and supporting our hormones Causes of […]

Episode 4 – The Best Travel Supplements

Are you thinking about going on a vacation anytime soon? If so, what are the essential supplements that you travel with? Tune in as I share my own list of essential travel supplements that I can’t go on vacation without. In this episode you will learn: What supplements are good for any type of digestive […]

Episode 3 – 8 Tips for The Best Sleep Ever

What’s your routine before going to bed? If you don’t have one yet, it’s about time we create one for you! Sleep has been the number one thing on my get-healthy list over the past year, so perk up your ears as I share with you some of my best tips for the best sleep […]

Episode 2 – Detoxing + Cleansing Foods + Your Toxic Environment

This podcast is all about supporting your health, your hormones, your vitality and your energy! Join me as I talk about detoxification and what we can do to help support our liver in the detoxification process. Let’s dive in! Tune into  iTunes or Stitcher here: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/healthy-hormones-for-women- podcast/id1384009171http://www.stitcher.com/s?fid=186137&refid=stpr In this episode you will learn: What is […]

Episode 1 – Welcome to The Healthy Hormones for Women Podcast!

Wherever you may be in your health journey, this podcast is the perfect starting point for you to dive in and get all your health puzzle pieces in place. Inspired by the many conversations I’ve had with the countless women that I’ve coached over the years, this podcast is the perfect tool that can help […]