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Podcast Episode 253: The Magic of Surrender with Kute Blackson

As we approach the middle of our lives, many of our parents are getting older and, the reality is, we […]

Podcast Episode 252 – Don’t Fear the Sun: Creating Sun Resiliency

Samantha’s fresh off her trip to Jamaica, so she’s sporting a healthy glow and feeling grateful for the sun…So what […]

Podcast Episode 251: The Powerful Health Benefits of Essential Fatty Acids with Udo Erasmus

Today, Samantha’s guest is Udo Erasmus, the co-founder of Udo’s Choice line of essential fatty acids. Udo designed the machinery […]

Podcast Episode: 250 – Cultivating Certainty and Confidence in Yourself as a Coach with Kevin Kwan

Over the years, Samantha has worked with a number of coaches, both male and female. Today’s guest, Kevin Kwan, is […]

Podcast Episode 249: Being Healthy, Happy and Horny at 40

In our society, many of us have come to expect that, as we age, we will also experience a gradual […]

Podcast Episode: 248. What Is the Pro-Metabolic Diet?

In the world of social media, we are constantly being inundated with new information about everything and the messages from […]

Podcast Episode 247: Wellness World Toxicity and Creating a Healthier Relationship with Food with Kiki Athanas

Kiki Athanas is an intuitive eating coach that helps smart women conquer emotional eating and practice healthy, balanced eating with […]

Podcast Episode 246: Overcoming Mystery Illness and Autoimmunity with Dr. Kevin Preston

Today on the show, Samantha chats with Dr. Kevin Preston, a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner that practices in Vernon, BC. […]

Podcast Episode 245: Biz Class Part 4: Owning That You Are in Sales

As an entrepreneur, you may have a hard time accepting the fact that you’re actually in the business of sales…but […]

Podcast Episode  244: Breathwork and Costa Rica

In today’s solo, Samantha shares some stories from her recent trip to Costa Rica. She had originally planned to make […]