What I’ve Learned From Being an Entrepreneur and My Advice to Those Just Starting Out

It’s been 2 years that I’ve been an entrepreneur and this photo signifies ALOT for me. 

This was taken just over 4 years ago in NY. It was my birthday, my boyfriend Gaetan’s birthday and my girlfriend Kathy’s birthday. The four of us (Kathy’s hubby came too!) decided to take a trip to NY to celebrate and I remember having to lie to my boss about my whereabouts so I could take a few days off. 

It was such a crappy feeling. 

But in that moment I knew that what I wanted more of was freedom. I didn’t want to have to check in with someone about vacations and I wanted the freedom to pick up and travel when I want, take time off when I want and not have to explain myself to anybody. 

It was an A-HA moment. 

I continued on as a sales rep for 2 more years until I finally got let go. 2 Freakin’ years I continued on doing something I didn’t love all because I was scared to let it go. How many years have you been doing this for?

Being let go was the best thing that happened to me! The Universe did for me what I couldn’t do for myself. My boss was shocked at how happy I was for getting fired. In fact, Gaetan and I went out for dinner that night to celebrate. 

From that day forward I relentlessly worked my ass off. I’ve been working with clients in practice for over 10 years, but shit got REAL when I got to do it full time. 

I had to show up! I had to be in full integrity with myself and my wellbeing in order to fully serve others and help them on their journey.

I had very little money, but I KNEW in my heart that I needed to step up, show up and invest in the things that would help me grow. I hired a business coach, I connected with other entrepreneurs, I got clear about my vision, I DID the work. I didn’t just think about it, I acted on it. 

It is NOT easy! I am constantly tested, day in and day out. Doubts, fears, anxiety, who am I to be successful, who am I to be a business woman?

I am often asked, “What advice would you give to someone just starting out?”

A few things:

1. Stop letting the fairy-tale image of six-figure stardom and fame rule your world. Growing your business and brand takes being in integrity, providing value to customers and building relationships. I’m sick and tired of seeing coaches promoting how they can make people millionaires overnight and making it sound like starting a business is easy. 

It’s fuckin not! It takes grit, faith, guts, compassion and integrity to continually push through ALL the noise, the doubts, the fear and really hard days, weeks and months where you don’t make any money! 

If you can pick yourself up over all of that and continue to push forward and grow through the hard times – THAT is success. Because trust me, in the beginning there will be LOTS of hard times. 

2. Decide – what do you really want? Just make the decision and do it! Stop analyzing it, stop asking others for opinions, and stop creeping on what everyone else is doing. Be true to YOU. Trust in YOUR vision, put your head down and do the work. 

3. Discipline – is knowing what you really want! I repeat this to myself daily. It’s what helps me show up and reconnect to my vision and goals. And more than that, it helps me understand that no one else is going to do it for me.

4. Integrity – got any? I can’t coach others to live a more purposeful and powerful life if I’m not investing in myself to do the same. I have my own coach, I take care of my wellbeing, I make my health a priority, I work on my relationships (to myself and others) daily in order to fully show up and serve.

5. Unwavering faith – THIS is what pushes me forward. Day and night, good and bad, easy work and hard work. I just know in my heart that if I continue to do really good work, all good things will continue to come to me. Sounds cheesy? How many times have you fully stepped into something just because YOU KNEW it’s what needed to happen? I bet it’s always worked out for the best every single time! 

6. Watch your language – Often times I hear from my clients that they TRY to eat well, TRY to go to the gym, TRY to work on their relationships. There is no try. It’s either a HELL YES or a HELL NO. There is no HELL MAYBE. You have to decide and go DO. Are you speaking with confidence or doubt? Are you constantly saying things like “when I have more money I’ll do X, or when I meet that man/women, I’ll be X” Stop waiting for something to happen in the future and start creating it for yourself NOW. 

And when it comes to money, this is what I’ve learned. Getting more money and making more money – that’s actually the easy part. Putting in the work, working on yourself and getting your mindset right – that’s the hard part. 

How many times have you wanted something SO bad, that you worked the extra hours, asked for help financially, got a loan or asked for a raise?? There is always ways to get more money, it’s what you need to do leading up to that that is really fucking hard. 

At the end of the day, I know we are so much more powerful than we think or give ourselves credit for. Imagine a world where we all step into more power and possibility and say FUCK it and do the things we really love to do?

GO find that. GO do that. Go BE that. You are so worth ALL OF IT.


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