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The snow has melted, the sun is shining (and unfortunately here in Canada, there’s been more rain than I would like), and I don’t know about you, but I am SO ready for warmer weather, spring cleaning, fresh air and nature. 

In Traditional Chinese Medicine the spring and fall months are ideal times to cleanse and detox your body, which is why I am so excited to dive into this years Spring Detox program and provide you with delicious meals, cleansing and detox strategies and protocols to help you feel your absolute best. 

This detox is coming at the perfect time for me personally. We are moving into our hew home, unpacking, decluttering and after spending a LOT of time behind my computer writing my book, I am ready for a much needed reboot. I’ve been feeling slightly overwhelmed with all that we have going on and my energy levels and sleep has started to suffer because of it. 

Even though there has been so many great things going on in my life, stress is stress. And moving and writing a book (as exciting as it is), took it’s toll on me and I’m ready to recharge and get grounded in a new spring routine. Which is why our theme for our detox this year is all about stress!

Stress is truly at the core of so many of our health conditions. If our adrenal health starts to suffer and if we are running at full speed on the daily (between work, bills, family, kids, commitments and so on), our poor adrenals starts to break down. And with this comes a HOST of problems – think weight gain, brain fog, low thyroid function, blood sugar imbalances, sleep issues, sluggish digestion and irritability and anxiety. 

Which brings me to our next point and that is SUGAR. Stress and sugar go hand in hand. The more stress you have, the more cravings you have. Your adrenals can directly impact your blood sugar, which can lead to you overeating and craving more sugar. And now the downward cycle begins…

You’re stressed, you’re overdoing it and pushing yourself to the max, not integrating time for self care or slowing down. Then your hormones start to suffer and you feel exhausted, achy, puffy, inflamed and reach for sugar to fix your problems. That sugar craving only grows in intensity and leads to more sugar and more sugar and before you know it, you’re caught in this nasty cycle that is hard to break. 

Sound familiar?

Our spring detox meal plan is SUGAR FREE and full of incredibly delicious recipes ?Expect to lose inches, feel lighter, more energized, focused and experience better digestion and gut health. I’ll guide you through our plan and support you along the way so you won’t feel alone and trust me – you won’t feel deprived either!

Basically, stress impacts how we feel from head to toe, so how about we show our body some love and care and eat in a way that makes us thrive!

That’s why this year, I’m taking you on a deep dive into stress. I’ll be hosting our exclusive detox masterclass for all our detox participants, diving into adrenal health and liver detox strategies so you can optimize your hormones and truly create time and space for more self care in your life. 

Here’s The Low-Down on Our 14-Day Program and What You Can Expect When You Join:

  1. Registration for our program is open between May 1 – May 10th, 2019.
  2. On Monday May 13th, we’ll start our 14-Day Spring Detox program together as a group (but don’t worry if you can’t start on the 13th, start when it’s convenient for you!)
  3. On Wednesday May 15th, I’ll host our exclusive Spring Detox Masterclass at 7pm EST. It will be recorded if you can’t make it live.

What You’ll Receive When You Join:

  1. Your Sugar Free Paleo Meal Plan – which is loaded with the most delicious recipes that will help to nourish and balanced your hormones, increase energy, support gut health and reduce inflammation
  2. Guide to Optimal Gut Health – this guide covers it all when it comes to gut health – from how to clean out your kitchen, to understanding food allergies, to choosing the best probiotic. 
  3. Live Detox Masterclass – this class is exclusive for all detox participants. We’ll dive into a 90-minute class on things stress and adrenal health. I’ll share with you my best adrenal and liver detox protocols and supplements. 
  4. Access to Last Years Detox Masterclass – which was all about thyroid health and estrogen dominance. You’ll receive the entire recording for FREE!
  5. An exclusive discount to join our 12 week Metabolic Reset Weight Loss program. Joining is completely optional, but we wanted to extend a special discount to you so we can further support your hormones and detox journey over the summer months. 





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