Sexy Time! DIY Lube

So lets face it…
Shopping for lube can be well… uncomfortable. It’s just like buying condoms. 
You walk into the store, stand in the aisle staring at the selection and then there is always an awkward moment at checkout. 
It’s normal. We’ve all been through it at some point. 
If you’re trying to be an eco-conscious lover, there are many generic drug store brands that get a BIG thumbs DOWN! 
But before we get into lubes, let’s discuss this topic in a little more depth. 
I know its common for women to lube up, but I do encourage women to pay more attention to their body and if you find you are typically drier, this can be a sign of stress, low estrogen (common in menopause), breast feeding or anxiety. Lack of estrogen can affect the body’s natural lubrication process. 
If you pay attention to your cycle and more importantly cervical mucus, you will find that roughly 3-4 days after your period you have more cervical mucus as you head into ovulation. You might also find that you are more easily turned on during this time and ready to ravage your partner. This is because estrogen levels are typically high during this time in your cycle. 
Once ovulation is done and you head into the 2 weeks prior to your period, you might find that you are drier and producing less cervical mucus, this is because estrogen takes a bit of a back seat at this time and progesterone comes into full play. 
Either way, it’s important you pay attention to your cycle, and as with all my clients, I encourage them to track their cycle and to check cervical mucus. WE are the only ones in full control of our body and we need to learn how to connect with it on a deeper level. 
As for women going through menopause, vitamin E can typically be helpful with maintaining lubrication. It’s a natural and safe supplement to try and is also an amazing antioxidant that can help with aging and wrinkles too! (bonus!).
Also, ladies… tracking your cycle and understanding cervical mucus will only help you and your partner have better sex! YES! During the first half of your cycle, due to higher estrogen and more mucus, you can pretty much jump into bed without much foreplay. During the second half of your cycle, you can communicate to your partner that you need a little extra foreplay to assist during your ‘drier’ time.  Better communication, openness about your body and health, and better sex – now that’s sexy! 
Ok, so, back to the lubes…
Good ol’ Astroglide’s basic formula contains fossil-fuel-derived propylene glycol (yucky!), as well as two types of parabens (one that is a known hormone disruptor) and yeast-feeding glycerin to kill the mood even more. This is a common drug store brand lube and clearly, not one I would recommend. 
And KY is just as crappy, minus the paraben (also another common drug store brand). I would NOT choose these the next time you get your sexy on with your partner!
I know it can be easy to walk into the drug store and take your pick from a variety of lubes and gels, as they typically have quite the selection. Unfortunately, most of these drug store brands contain many harmful and toxic ingredients. Be sure to check the labels/ingredients for: parabens, phthalates, fragrances, petroleum, propylene glycol, glycerin, phenoxyethanol and chlorhexidine.
So, what do we choose instead??
There are a few natural, clean beauty options:
1. Sliquid Organics Natural Gel contains some organic goodies like flax and uses plant cellulose from cotton.  
2. Province Apothecary mixes a base of fractionated coconut oil with some lovely organic oils. Plus, it’s a local company! However, it is an oil and oils aren’t latex compatible; just an FYI is you are using latex condoms. 
3. Giddy YoYo Love Butter and my very own Love Your Body Butter are also made with lovely oils that are completely natural and safe. But, again, it’s an oil so be careful with latex condoms. 
So what about DIY lubes? Something you whip up right in your very own kitchen (or bedroom!). Yup, I’ve got 3 incredible options for you:
1. Coconut oil is perfectly lubricating and it’s natural antibacterial too! From the kitchen, to the bedroom and the bathroom, this is one versatile and natural product. Also, olive oil would fall into this category too!
2. 100% pure certified organic aloe gel is latex compatible and works incredibly well as a lubricant. Plus, it’s healing and antibacterial all at the same time!
Now what if you want to GET preggers? I have a solution. A solution that is probably in your fridge RIGHT NOW! Ready for it?
3. It’s egg whites!! Clinical research has found that egg whites can actually BOOST sperm motility! Isn’t that amazing!? It’s also compatible with condoms. Who woulda thought?
It’s easy to ditch toxins and chemicals from our beauty routine and quite frankly, I don’t want any nasty ingredients coming close to my lady garden!!
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I can’t wait to guide you to more vibrant, radiant beauty!
Nutritionist & Clean Beauty Advocate, 
Samantha, RHN


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