Product Review: Mad Hippie Facial Oil and Serum for Glowing, Radiant Skin

If you’ve been perusing through the natural beauty aisle in your local health store, you’ve there’s a good chance you’ve come across hundreds of creams, lotions and serums, confused at which one to try. 

Me too! Trust me, I get so excited I kind of want to try them all!

And I say natural beauty aisle because I do hope that you’re making the conscious effort to make the switch to more natural and holistic skin care. 

With the launch of my 6 week online program, CleanBeautyU, I’m on a mission to help women take better care of their skin, hair , teeth and body more naturally and ditch the toxic chemicals! If you’re interested in knowing more about CleanBeautyU and joining in on the next beauty party, click here for more info. 

But in the meantime, let’s dive into a product that is becoming my beauty favourite!

First off, as a self-proclaimed hippie myself, I love the name: Mad Hippie. 

But aside from the fun name, this company is all about safety and efficacy, which gets a huge thumbs up in my books! You won’t find any parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances and toxic nasties in these products. 

And unlike other companies, Mad Hippie actually uses a number of active ingredients versus just 1 or 2 to help you get glowing radiant skin and results, fast!  Every bottle is chock-full of anti-aging actives, all formulated to compliment one another & work in synergy. 


I recently started using the Antioxidant Facial Oil and the Vitamin C Serum as part of my daily skin care routine. 

And can I just say… I am in love!

The Antioxidant Facial Oil is loaded with hydrating goodness, such as: argan oil, sea buckthorn berry, camu camu berry, hemp seed extract, grape seed oil, pomegranate oil and a TON of other all natural glowing skin ingredients like blueberry extract, raspberry seed extract, broccoli extract and vitamin E. 

The fruit extracts in this oil are amazing for moisturizing and softening the skin, while providing a boat load of incredible antioxidants to fight off free radicals and minimize wrinkles. And especially with the hot weather and gorgeous sun upon us, this oil is great to inhibit UV damage caused to the skin from prolonged sun exposure. 

I typically like to use this oil in the morning.

The Vitamin C Serum is great for tightening, brightening and smoothing out the skin. It contains: vitamin c (of course!), vitamin E, ferulic acid (a natural antioxidant that is great for aging and wrinkles), hyaluronic acid, konjac root powder (helps to soften and smooth the skin) and clary sage. 

From fighting wrinkles, enhancing collagen production, to preventing sun damage and helping the skin retain moisture, this serum is like gold. Sometimes I will layer the two oils, using the serum first and then adding the facial oil on top. 

I typically use the Vitamin C serum at night before bed. It’s important to note that vitamin C can react with the sun and make your skin more sensitive to UV rays, so I find this serum is incredible at night as it can help in the repair and regeneration process while you sleep. 

If you’ve been looking to try more natural skin care products or just need a boost in your skin care routine, I would highly suggest you give Mad Hippie a try. And guess what, their products are UNDER $50!!! YES!! Under $50! Isn’t that amazing?

It’s easy (like very very easy) to spend an upwards of $200 on skin care products, typically ones that are loaded with synthetic ingredients and toxins only to find that they don’t work! 

I have a few of my clients using Mad Hippie and so far the results have been amazing! 

Click here to learn more about Mad Hippie today. I promise you’ll love the results ๐Ÿ˜‰ 


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