Podcast Episode 226: Marry Your Authority, Fuck Your Profile, Kill Your Energy: Human Design with Caitlin Kirkpatrick

Caitlin Kirkpatrick is a Human Design guide, holistic health coach, and 7D energy healer who’s obsessed with helping high achievers own their uniqueness, and create massive success on their own terms. Using human design as a framework, Caitlin supports clients in complete mind, body and spirit deconditioning to help them step into their fully expressed selves. Today on the show, Caitlin and Samantha have an intentional conversation about the many aspects of Human Design for those who are curious to learn more so they may begin living through their own profile.


In this episode of The Wellness Witch Podcast:

  • How Caitlin developed her unique approach to teaching Human Design
  • Highlighting each of the six lines in HD
  • What it really means to live from your authority
  • Ways and resources to start integrating your own Human Design

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Top 3 relevant quotes:

  • “Human Design is an exploration tool to help you better understand how you operate in a bunch of different areas. It’s really good at getting us out of the mind and into the body to make our decisions and help lead us through life on the past of least resistance.”
    • Caitlin
    • 17:43
  • “When you are truly living from your authority, moment to moment, day to day, a lot of the conversation around energy type naturally takes care of itself.”
    • Caitlin
    • 43:48
  • “One of the questions that I like people to start off with is, ‘Can you think of a time in your past when you did make a decision from your authority and can you think of a time when you made a decision that went contrary to it? The contrast of those two really starts to make things click in.”
    • Caitlin
    • 48:28




Option 1

Caitlin – 14:36: “When you get into the identity aspect of ourselves, and the taking back your power idea, none of that is ever really lost… 


Option 2

Caitlin – 16:55: “Yeah, so I think I’ll kind of start with an overview of what the system itself is…there’s astrology involved, etc. 


Option 3

Caitlin – 33:36: “Human Design is like a department store. You’re going to go in and you’re going to get a t-shirt, a pair of pants…


Option 4

Caitlin – 44:23: “When you are truly living from your authority, and I really like to call that out specifically, because a lot of people know about their authority…

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