Podcast Episode 14 – Your Summer Hormone Detox

Are you having hormonal issues that you’re looking to overcome? How can you start eliminating the symptoms that you’re experiencing? My Summer Hormone Detox Program may just be what you need! Find out what it’s all about and get the support that you’re looking for!

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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • What my Summer Hormone Detox Program is all about
  • Who my Summer Hormone Detox Program is for
  • All the goodies that you can get from my Summer Hormone Detox Program
  • What you can expect from the Hormone Detox Masterclass


Key Takeaways:

  • The Summer Hormone Detox Program is a program that uses nutrition as a foundation. You get a 7-day detox meal plan that works specifically to detox out excess estrogen, support liver detoxification and support your thyroid.
  • Your hormones need fat to function and they also balance and stabilize your blood sugar, so you really do need to include those healthy fats in your diet.
  • Following the meal plan for 7 days doesn’t mean that you’re going to eliminate all your symptoms in 7 days. It’s about creating that foundation so that you can start eliminating these symptoms over time.
  • The more frequently we eat throughout the day, the more we spike our blood sugar and the more chances of causing imbalanced hormones and putting on weight.

Action Steps:

  • Make a commitment to spend more time outdoors and get your daily dose of Vitamin D.
  • Enjoy Mother Nature by going outside and breathing in fresh air, and maybe getting your feet on the grass or swimming in the lake.
  • Support your liver in the detoxification process by giving it the amino acids that it needs and getting in lots of antioxidants in your diet.
  • Cut back on snacking and just stick to eating three meals a day. But if you really can’t help it, choose the right snacks that are going to help support and balance your blood sugar.


Samantha said:

“It’s really about empowering you so that you can better understand your hormonal health and your physiology and really make empowered choices for yourself… It’s really about creating this trickle-down effect so that we can all heal and support each other…”

“When it comes to balancing hormones, what goes on the skin goes in. And we really need to support our hormonal health by ditching the beauty care chemicals and the toxins.”


Thanks for listening!

I hope to see you in the Summer Hormone Detox Program! It’s going to be a delicious way to detox and support your body!

As always, if you have any questions, you can ask me over on Instagram, @holisticwellnessfoodie, or submit your questions for future Q&A episodes over at https://holisticwellness.ca/contact/. I also would love it if you could hang out with me in my Holistic Wellness Private Community on Facebook.


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