Fat Burning & Ketones – Answering Your Q’s about KETO//OS

All I can say is WHOA!!
After sharing the recipe for my Fat Burning Chocolate Smoothie last week, I got a huge response asking what ketones are, where to purchase them and how to use them. 
So, I figured I would take a moment and explain about ketones in a little more detail.
First off, I’ve been experimenting with a ketogenic diet, which means, I’ve been increasing my fat intake (the good kinds like MCT oil, coconut oil, ghee, avocados, etc), eating very little carbohydrates and getting in lots of veggies and quality protein. 
This is what my typical diet generally looks like, but I’ve just started to increase the fat a little more than usual (and trust me, there’s been room for treats!).
So, what is ketosis?
Think of the body as a hybrid car that can burn electricity or gasoline for fuel. Our bodies are designed to use two di erent fuel sources, they can burn sugar (glucose) or fat (ketones).
This is a natural adoption from the Paleolithic Era when humans would cycle through short periods of scattered vegetation and times of a purely carnivorous diet. Summer season would bring spouts  of vegetation to our primal ancestors and they would put on some body fat during this abundant time because glucose is a key to fat storage.
Winter months would bring little or no vegetation resulting in a diet full of animal fat and meat. This resulted in fat adaptation and required ketosis, burning of fat for fuel.
Our bodies can only store a nite amount of glucose in liver and muscle. Typically this is about 2,000 calories. When you are a sugar burner, you need a constant source of fuel such as glucose that comes from carbs.
Our bodies can store large amounts of fat. For example, a 150 pound person with 10% body fat has over 60,000 calories of fat storage! This is what enabled our native ancestors to endure long winters without literally starving to death. Today, we have an endless supply of food (Can we really even call it that anymore?) all year around. This means most people never tap into their ketones, or native fuel source.
So why am I eating this way you ask? 
Well, our brain is 60% fat and our hormones require fat to function. And, for obvious reasons of wanting to become more efficient at burning fat vs. sugar.
Being behind my computer all day, running a business, (OH! and suffering with a minor concussion last summer!), I needed to really provide more support for my brain. 
Taking in more fat (the good kind) allows you to become more efficient at burning fat! Eating more fat doesn’t make you fat. Eating too much sugar is what makes us fat!
And the more sugar we eat, the more we spike our insulin which is a fat storing hormone. 
No one wants that! 
So where does the KETO//OS product fit in, the one I used in my Fat Burning Smoothie?
Well, it can get tricky to manage your macronutrient intake while on a ketogenic diet (ie. how much fat you actually need to eat and how much carbs you need to limit, in order to get your liver to start burning ketones) so taking EXOGENOUS KETONES allows you to have more ketones available in your body to utilize as an energy source. 
Make sense?
Bottom line – your body now has ketones vs. sugar as a fuel source so you can in turn, burn fat more efficiently, increase your energy, have more mental clarity, support insulin levels, manage sugar cravings and support metabolic health overall. 
Like I mentioned in my last email – my energy levels have increased (no afternoon crashes) and my sleep has been really deep. 
You can use the product in a smoothie, or simply mix with water and drink it. I like to use it as a pre workout (especially the one with caffeine). 
Can kids use it?
YES! In fact, it will help to fuel their brain, just don’t give them the one with caffeine. Have them drink it in the a.m. to supercharge their brain before school and you might consider giving them a little once they come home from school or before a game (if they are a little athlete). 
Will you have loose stools?
You might for the first day or so because they do contain MCT oil which can loosen stools. Everyone reacts differently. If you’re someone that is on the Bulletproof coffee bandwagon then I’m sure you’ve experienced loose stools. This is what increased fat intake can look like.
Be sure to drink PLENTY of water and increase your veggie intake while on the product. Also, to maintain electrolyte balance, add a pinch of sea salt to your water. This is SUPER important. The ketones can be mildly dehydrating, so increasing your water consumption with a pinch of sea salt is key!
Another thing to note…
I only use full packs on workout days and half packs on other days. So if you order the 15 pack or 30 pack, it will last you A LOT longer than you think. Unless of course, you want to go full out and take a pack everyday – go for it!! You’ll reap incredible fat loss benefits, if that’s your goal. 
Truthfully, I feel so amazing on it, that I’m going to start experimenting with 2 full packs a day to further increase my fat burning capacity, energy and mental clarity. I’ll let you know how that goes!
Will it make you jittery?
No. There is roughly 44mg of caffeine in the chocolate pack and 75mg in the orange pack (probably even less than that!), whereas a cup of coffee is close to 120mg of caffeine. I wouldn’t recommend drinking a coffee AND taking the KETO//OS – that might be a little much. There are packs available that are caffeine free. 
How do you order?
For all Canadian orders —> CLICK HERE. 
For all U.S. orders —> CLICK HERE. 
And as a bonus – for anyone that orders, I’m going to hook you up with my Fat Burning Recipe eBook! WHY? Because if  Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 6.44.44 PMyou’re investing in your health, then I also want you to invest in your diet and eat amazing food that will energize you!
I want you to be armed with all the tools to reach your goals and feel better! Once you order just reach out to me via email at samantha@holisticwellness.ca and I’ll send you your copy asap!
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. 
Can’t wait to you to experience the benefits of the keto lifestyle!
Samantha, RHN
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