Podcast Episode 99: How to Support Your Mental and Emotional Wellbeing During Times of Fear and Chaos

What can we do in these times of uncertainty? How can we avoid getting caught up in fear and anxiety? Listen in as I share some strategies and talk about choosing to look for the silver lining.

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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • Strategies to support your mental and emotional wellbeing in these times of uncertainty
  • What you can do to help yourself calm down and manage your stress.
  • How to be more creative and find creative ways of handling things


Key Takeaways:

  • This is an opportunity for us all to work on our trust muscle and trust that everything is all going to work out at the right time and in the right sequence.
  • It’s an opportune time to dive into business, to get new skills and new knowledge that’s going to help propel you as you move forward.
  • In times of crisis, we have this tendency to not think clearly and get into a panic, so breathing exercises can be a really powerful strategy to calm down our stress responses.


Action Steps:

  • Take the precautions that you need.
  • Take the opportunity to learn something new, get a new skill, and invest in yourself so that you can show up and come out of this so much bigger and so much stronger.
  • Find your community and connect with them.
  • Strategies you can implement to find calmness:
  • Come back to your breath and do lots of deep belly breathing. Inhale for 4-5 counts, hold it, and exhale for 4-5 counts.
  • Build a team of people around you that you really trust.


Samantha said:

“This isn’t an ‘I’ situation, this is a ‘We’ situation. This is a community situation…. recognizing that this isn’t about me and what I’m feeling right now. It’s a collective feeling.”

“At the end of the day, we all have a choice in terms of how we show up.”


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