Podcast Episode 97: Coaches Q&A: Healing adult acne, Solutions for gas and bloating, How to manage sugar and carb cravings and more!

Welcome to the Q&A chat together with Coach Valerie, where we answer your questions regarding thyroid health, PMS, cravings, and many more! We hope that you can take a lot of the strategies that we share. Enjoy the episode!

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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • How to deal with gas and bloating
  • How to stop sugar cravings
  • Sugar cravings vs hunger
  • Healing your body after years of taking birth control pills
  • Cycle mapping
  • How to deal with adult acne


Key Takeaways:

  • The gut is the foundation for everything, so symptoms of gas and bloating are most likely diet-related and can be connected to the hormones.
  • Gas and bloating are indicative that you’re lacking the necessary stomach factors to break down the food that’s sitting in your stomach.
  • Gas and bloating can also be indicative of an imbalance in your gut flora.
  • Hunger, compared to cravings, is going to take more time to build up.
  • It typically takes 3 to 6 months for your body to heal from taking birth control pills, but it’s not unusual for it to take up to a year.


Action Steps:

  • When dealing with gas and bloating:
  • Assess your diet. Look at the things you’re eating and not eating, and try to remove those offending foods (e.g. gluten, dairy, refined sugar). Eliminate those for about 4 weeks and see where your symptoms are at that point.
  • Make sure you’re getting in 3L of water per day and check to see if you have enough hydrochloric acid to break down your food.
  • If you’re struggling with a lot of cravings, supplement with L-glutamine.
  • Take the DUTCH test to stay on top of your hormonal health.
  • Support liver detoxification when you come off the pill.
  • Be conscious of what you’re using on your skin and stick to a very simple cleansing routine for your skin.


Valerie said:

When we specifically see gas and bloating, that’s a really clear indication that the gut needs some TLC overall.”


“I think every woman should do [the DUTCH Test] at least once in their lifetime. It’s such a great tool to really explore your sex hormones and your metabolites and your cortisol, your melatonin, so you get an overall picture of what’s going on.”


Thanks for listening!


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