Podcast Episode 91: Coaches Chat – Morning and Nighttime Routines

Do you have a morning and nighttime routine? Coach Valerie of Holistic Wellness joins me to chat about what our morning and nighttime routines look like. Listen in and be inspired to create your own morning and nighttime rituals and have the best day ever!


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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • What our morning routines look like
  • Our favorite drinks to start the day
  • How we do our workouts
  • What our nighttime routines look like


Key Takeaways:

  • When you work out, don’t be afraid to lift heavy weights. Building up your strength is very important.
  • You may not have the luxury of being self-employed or working from home, but that shouldn’t keep you from building a morning routine that works for you. Doing one or two things before you start your workday makes a big difference.
  • If you think you don’t have a routine yet, whatever it is you’re currently doing is your routine.


Action Steps:

  • Establish a morning and nighttime routine for yourself.
  • Whatever routine you currently have right now, spend some time thinking about if you need to revamp it, add something to it, or take something out.


Valerie said:

“I always give myself more time than I need… I wish it involved a little more self-care than it does, there is definitely room for improvement, but it always involves a matcha or some butter coffee and some snuggles with my puppy.”

“We give so much of ourselves in our client calls that I don’t feel like I would be the best version of myself to show up for people if I didn’t take that time.”


Thanks for listening!


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