Podcast Episode 88: The Cosmos + Astrology & What to Know About the Energy for 2020

How can we tap into our intuition and get in the flow, and find our creative energy? Meredith Dylan Howell  shares her insights on how we can get connected to ourselves and the universe, and how we can tap into the cosmos for guidance.

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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • How Meredith got into astrology and numerology
  • What astrology and numerology mean
  • Why astrology matters
  • What we need to know about the energy for 2020
  • How to get into a state of flow and become more connected with cosmic energy
  • Why you should consider taking an improv class
  • How to use the information you learn from astrology and numerology
  • How learning about her hormonal health strengthened Meredith’s spiritual experience


Key Takeaways:

  • Numerologically, 2020 is a “4” year because when you add up 2+0+2+0 it equals 4. And that is a vibration or frequency of the dedicated hard worker. So this is the year where our work is the focus. We’re building foundations and routines to support as a collective what we’re building.
  • Each planet represents a psycho-spiritual function.
  • Jupiter represents the part of us that’s intuitive, the part of us that is always expanding, always growing, just like the universe. 
  • Saturn represents our authority, how we interact with the world, how we interact with society, and how we show ourselves as leaders.
  • Pluto represents our soul, as well as the process of death, transformation, and rebirth.
  • The nodes of the moon are the psycho-spiritual function that represents our evolution.
  • The south node represents what we need to let go of, what we’re releasing to move towards where we want to go.
  • The north node represents the things that we’re cultivating, growing, and nurturing within us to help us evolve on an individual and a collective level.
  • 2020 is a great time to go to school and focus on your local community.
  • Numerology is like paint by numbers whereas astrology is like abstract painting. In numerology, once you know what a number means, no matter where you see it, it’s always the same meaning.
  • January is a “5” month, which means its a month of change.
  • Astrology is best used when it’s about self study.


Action Steps:

  • How to connect to the flow:
  • Have a routine that feels nourishing.
  • Take an improv class


Meredith said:

“When we’re in peace, when we’re in ease, it’s when the universe is moving through us. And so if we build out space in our day to connect, then whenever we’re feeling like we’re not connected, we notice and then we’re able to come back and ground and center.”


“When you practice improv or you become an improviser, you start experiencing reality in a more magical way and you’re more open to miracles in life because you’ve seen them happen on stage.”


Thanks for listening!


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