Podcast Episode 70: The Importance of Pooping, Optimizing Digestion, and the Gut and Hormone Connection

We’re chatting about digestive health. And yes, nature plays a really huge role in that. Learn more about that, and the connection between getting outside, being in nature, and even gardening, and how this can all impact your microbiome. I interviewed Jillian Teta. She is a naturopathic physician, and she is the digestive expert.

We talk about the digestive process, the importance of pooping daily. We talk about non-dietary things that you can do to promote digestive health beyond just changing your diet, diet, what you can eat to optimize gut health, digestive and stool testing, and FREE ways that you can optimize your gut health, optimize your microbiome, and reall support digestion. Things that you can include on a day to day basis that are really going to help move the needle for you.

You can find all the info and links about this episode at https://holisticwellness.ca/episode70.

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