Tuning into Your Hormonal Hierarchy

What is your hormonal hierarchy and how can you modify, adjust, and strategize your nutrition and your workouts based on it? Naturopathic and functional medicine doctor, Dr. Brooke Kalanick talks all about hormonal hierarchy, PCOS and lifestyle strategies for optimizing hormonal health.

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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • PCOS
  • Hormonal hierarchy
  • Lifestyle and nutrition strategies for women with PCOS
  • The role that histamine plays on female hormones
  • The best workout approach that women can take for optimizing their hormonal health
  • How kale isn’t going to be the fixer of all things


Key Takeaways:

  • For the most part, if you’re showing up with irregular periods, cysts on your ovaries, insulin resistance or elevated androgens, those are all going to be signs that can help point you towards a PCOS diagnosis.
  • Inflammation is an underlying root cause for PCOS, so all women with PCOS should really be looking to manage all sources of inflammation.
  • If you’ve ramped up your training too much, one way to know that you’re overdoing it is if your ACES (appetite, cravings, energy, and sleep) are out of balance. If your appetite goes up, your cravings go up, your energy goes down or your sleep changes, you’re probably exacerbating cortisol with your training and you want to back that down.
  • Some classic signs of overtraining can be represented by the acronym RAMP, which stands for reluctance to train, achiness or excessive soreness, moodiness, and puffiness.


Action Steps:

  • Look into managing all your possible sources of inflammation.
  • Figure out your unique carb tolerance.


Dr. Brooke said:

“It’s just unfortunate that women don’t understand how their hormones are talking to them. All day long we’re getting biofeedback from our hormones, especially insulin and cortisol… so it’s really important to tune in to their signals.”


“Exercise is powerful medicine and I really think we can use it for healing, but it is a very quick way to burn yourself out, to create a lot of inflammation or oxidative stress and make those delicate hormone issues worse.”


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