Podcast Episode 47: Trusting Your Intuition + Connecting to Your Worth + Uncovering Your Emotional Blocks

Do you have emotional blocks that are holding you back from achieving what you want in life? Outside of hormone health and nutrition, there are so many other areas to look at when it comes to our wellbeing and achieving what’s possible for us in our lives. Take a listen as Selena Moon talks about trusting our intuition and what we can do to step more into our power.

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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • Psychosomatic therapy and what it involves
  • Developing your clairvoyant abilities
  • Trust in the unknown
  • Emotional blocks that powerful women face
  • Breaking up with belief systems and stepping into your personal power
  • Strategies on how to tune into your autobiography in a deeper way


Key Takeaways:

  • Psychosomatic therapy is very different from psychotherapy or typical psychology. It is understanding how our body is our autobiography.
  • No two people look exactly alike. We all have such different characteristics and we’re so unique as individuals, and it is really because our bodies are a representation of our soul and our soul’s experience.
  • People are either very physical or very spiritual. But there needs to be a bridge in understanding that the spiritual has a significant effect on the physical.
  • There is infinite abundance available to us at all times, and it’s our belief systems and our mindset that we really have to work on in order to access that abundance.
  • There are so many rigid belief systems and structures that we need to overcome and override in order to be able to wake up to the right mindset.


Action Steps:

  • Write down what you want but allow for 20% flexibility when you find something almost exactly the same.
  • Consider your WHY.
  • Know yourself, understand your emotions, and overcome the fear of diving into your true self.
  • Establish a new belief system to override the old one. Make yourself connect to a higher belief system the moment that you catch yourself.


Selena said:

“Emotions are a place where we need to spend way more time and energy identifying within ourselves because our society so frequently tells us that we’re not supposed to have these emotions or that emotions are bad.”

“Every being on this planet is so worthy of being here. We all have such a unique purpose and we all have such a unique mission, and the ways in which we actually get to this place of achievement and success within our being… doesn’t replicate anyone else’s way.”


Thanks for listening!


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