Podcast Episode 30: From Vegetarian to Paleo & Healing and Dealing with Hashimoto’s

How do you deal with Hashimoto’s? Today, I interview my dear friend, nutritionist and chef, Marni Wasserman, who shares her health journey of transitioning from vegetarian to paleo and the strategies and self-care practices that she implements in healing and dealing with Hashimoto’s.

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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • Mari’s journey as she transitioned from a vegetarian diet to a paleo diet and introducing animal proteins
  • What grain-free eating looks like
  • Marni’s journey with Hashimoto’s and what that has been like
  • Tips and strategies to really support autoimmunity and the importance of self-care
  • Coffee alternatives that you need to know about
  • Our four-week Healing & Dealing with Hashi’s program
  • Mari’s typical daily diet


Key Takeaways:

  • When transitioning from one form of diet to another, it’s really important that you listen to your body and tune in to your brain about what foods to add and what foods to take out.
  • Most thyroid conditions are actually Hashimoto’s, which means there are a lot of efforts in place to help people along. And there are a lot of modalities that you can build into your day to help with that.
  • Adaptogens play a big part in the healing of Hashimoto’s. They also help with stress and boost the immune system.


Action Steps:

  • Work with a team of practitioners who can help you look at Hashimoto’s from a functional medicine perspective and help direct you towards a solution.
  • If you do get diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, make sure to get support from friends and family, and your community.
  • Go on a grain-free diet and test the waters of the AIP or the autoimmune protocol for at least a month.
  • Build self-care practices like detoxifying your body and your home, going to bed on time and hydrating and flushing your system constantly with lots of water and teas, and bringing in some adaptogens into your diet.


Marni Wasserman:

“Once you find out that you are diagnosed [with Hashimoto’s], I think knowing that there is a lot of information out there should be really encouraging. There’s a lot of books, there’s a lot of podcasts, there’s a lot of resources and experts.”


“What we’re so committed to is to bring people through a journey of healing that they can start learning and taking control of their own health… and it’s about simplifying things and just finding the right things to take into consideration.”


Thanks for listening!


Important Announcements:

If you have autoimmune issues, Hashimoto’s or any type of thyroid condition, join us in our four-week program, Healing & Dealing with Hashi’s. You can get on the waitlist and receive all the information you need on the free webinar, plus you can download our free recipe ebook. Registrations opens on October 16th.


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