Podcast Episode 278: 7 Things Killing Your Growth and Success

In the final episode of 2023, Samantha reflects on her journey as a wellness coach and announces a sabbatical to reinvigorate her passion. She emphasizes the importance of focusing on one’s strengths, avoiding distractions, and maintaining a simple, foundational approach in both personal health and business. This episode underscores the power of authenticity, the need to prioritize self-care and to embrace one’s own path of growth and transformation in the upcoming year.

Today on The Wellness Witch:

  • Sabbatical announcement for rejuvenation and strategic future planning
  • Focusing on core strengths, avoiding overextension across diverse projects
  • Reducing social media distractions for enhanced productivity and concentration
  • Advocating simplified approaches in health and business for clarity
  • Emphasizing self-care, authenticity, and embracing personal and professional growth


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