Podcast Episode 277: What’s Driving Your PCOS & Infertility with Karlie Henderson

Today, Samantha talks with Karlie Henderson, a certified nutritionist specializing in PCOS. Karlie shares her journey from struggling with PCOS and infertility to achieving health and motherhood through holistic methods. She emphasizes the importance of understanding and addressing the root causes of PCOS, including diet, lifestyle, and environmental factors. Tune in for valuable insights on facing similar health challenges or seeking holistic wellness solutions.


Today on The Wellness Witch:

  • Karlie’s personal struggle with PCOS and infertility challenges
  • Transitioning from traditional treatments to a holistic health and nutrition approach
  • Role of diet in managing PCOS and insulin resistance
  • the impact of environmental toxins on hormonal health and fertility explored
  • Karlie’s journey into motherhood and launching a PCOS-focused business


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