Podcast Episode 275: What Really Matters When It Comes To Health and Healing with Josh & Jeanne Rubin

In this episode, join Samantha in an engaging discussion with Josh and Jeannie Rubin, also known as the Real Food Gangstas. They focus on holistic approaches to health, debunking myths about vitamin D, and emphasizing the role of sunlight and circadian rhythms. Josh and Jeannie advocate for a varied, natural diet and a tailored approach to fitness, aligning with the body’s rhythms. They emphasize the power of small lifestyle changes over quick fixes, offering insights into achieving sustainable wellness.


Today on The Wellness Witch:

  • Aligning lifestyle with body’s needs enhances overall wellness
  • Debunking misconceptions about the importance of sunlight and circadian rhythm
  • Emphasizing a natural, diverse diet for thyroid and metabolic health
  • Tailoring workout times and intensities to natural body cycles
  • Advocating gradual lifestyle changes for long-term health improvements


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