Podcast Episode 265: Overcome Food Addiction: Flour, Sugar, + Your Brain with Susan Pierce Thompson

Today, let’s revisit an insightful conversation between Samantha and Dr. Susan Pierce Thompson on overcoming food addictions. Dr. Susan shares her personal journey of triumph over weight and addiction, offering expert insights into the psychology of eating. You’ll learn the surprising ways flour and sugar can impede your weight loss journey, and the profound impact of excess weight on longevity. Samantha and Dr. Thompson also unpack the science behind childhood food addiction and share valuable tips for conquering food addiction while pursuing your health goals.

Today on The Wellness Witch:

  • Dr. Susan’s transformative journey: from weight struggles to addiction triumph
  • The surprising might of food addiction compared to drugs
  • The sneaky roles of flour & sugar in hormone disruption and weight challenges
  • Strategies to conquer food addiction and stay true to your weight loss aspirations
  • Delving into the science: why kids aren’t immune to food addiction
  • The ripple effects of carrying extra weight on our lifespan

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