Podcast Episode 263: The Fasting Mimicking Diet for Longevity with Dr. Joseph Antoun

Today, we delve deep into the fasting-mimicking diet, a five-day dietary regimen that allows for some food consumption, albeit at reduced calorie levels. Our guest, Dr. Joseph Antoun, CEO of El Nutra and the pioneer behind the fasting-mimicking diet, discusses the benefits of this approach for longevity and combating age-related diseases. We explore the nuances of the diet, its distinction from intermittent fasting, and the varying impacts of fasting on men and women.


Today on The Wellness Witch:

  • Introduction to the fasting-mimicking diet and its benefits
  • Differences between intermittent fasting, prolonged fasting, and time-restricted eating
  • The specifics of the fasting-mimicking diet: calorie range and food choices
  • Fasting studies: contrasting effects on men vs. women


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