Podcast Episode 262: Connecting with Your Spirit Babies from Preconception to Birth with Emily Greene

Today on the show, Samantha is joined by Emily The Medium, a highly acclaimed psychic medium. Emily is an expert at helping families connect with the energies of their future children, or spirit babies, providing guidance and support during preconception, pregnancy, and during fertility challenges. In this conversation, Emily takes us on a captivating journey into the world of psychics, unraveling what it truly means to be one and revealing how each one of us possesses the potential to tap into our own innate, intuitive abilities. Get ready to discover the secrets to beginning your own communication with the souls of the children you’re destined to have.


Today on The Wellness Witch:

  • What it really means to be psychic
  • Guiding couples through the experience of conscious conception
  • Where spirit babies come from and how they choose their parents
  • Spiritual fertility: Prepping your energy to begin building a connection with your child


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